I’m Back! Plus Quick Appetizers You Can Make In Advance

So 2020….. LOL

Can you believe it’s already July…

How have you all been doing?!
Finally, after going through the COVID crescendo (and all the issues and drama on so many levels that came with it), plus plenty of technical difficulties later, I am finally back. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive during these crazy times. The chaos finally seems to be leveling out and it definitely feels good to start getting into the swing of things and getting on a schedule again.

Where are you guys at with re-openings where you live? By me we are in Phase 3, so it has been really great to start seeing some friends and getting out again. I even found some new gems to fill you in on (new posts coming soon). Before June, I LITERALLY did not step outside my house, and in a lot of ways looking back I think that “self reflection time” may not have been a bad thing. I read a lot, cooked, tried some new skincare…all that “me-time” stuff. I think we can all agree, we have just been doing the best we can. Hopefully we can take away something positive from this and it’s all up from here.

To go along with this quick “I’m Back” post I figured I would share some quick appetizers that I tried out. They are DELICIOUS and perfect to make for last minuet company, or to make for yourself especially if you want to feel like your having yourself a little cocktail night in. The best part is that a lot of the prep work for these can be made ahead of time. The spinach dip especially rocked my world – I crave it constantly. I have also repeatedly come back to the honeydew spritzer recipe and have tried it with lot’s of different fruit purees. It works out great every time.

Caprese Skewers With Plum Balsamic Drizzle
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Honeydew Spritzers


Spinach Artichoke Dip
Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce
Caprese Skewers With Plum Balsamic Reduction
Honeydew Spritzers

Many many more recipe ideas coming your way! Other than that, anything you guys want to see from me content wise? Let me know!

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18 thoughts on “I’m Back! Plus Quick Appetizers You Can Make In Advance

    1. Thank you!! 😁
      Still outdoor dining though in Phase 2… I guess make the best with whatever you can and stay safe ❀️

  1. Glad your back! I got out for the second time in 4 months yesterday. The first time was on the 14th to attend a BLM and then yesterday when I met up with a friend for the first time in 4 months. These sounds so good, and the drinks are super pretty!

    Allie of

    1. Thanks Allie!❀️❀️ It’s great to be back! It’s crazy how time flies isn’t it. Hope you get to take advantage as the city opens up to at least enjoy summer a little (safely of course)

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