Introducing….+ Five Favorites Of 2023

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Happy 2024!

With the new year comes another exciting launch announcement.

The introduction of my new newsletter, The Vogue Code.

Playing off of my NOWinNYC series, The Vogue Code will be a recap of all the latest happenings, openings, trends, upcomings all in one place. The Vogue Code essentially titled like a lifestyle manual but with a new addition, actual codes that will unlock discounts or access to events, including some that I will be hosting throughout the year.

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Five Favorites:

With that I wanted to recap the last year and introduce my Five Favorites of 2023:

Food & Restaurant

One of my favorite meals definitely had to be at The Consulate midtown. It was one of those A-Z locations for me with great food from appetizers to dessert, beautiful ambiance, and friendly attentive staff.

The Consulate Midtown
Fashion Purchase

I think my favorite purchase of the year was this gown from Bronx and Banco. I wore it as a maid of honor ( or Koumbara) in Greek traditions to my best friends wedding. It was one of those sexy, yet elegant, and very glamorous goddess dresses that ironically fit my like a glove without any alterations. It is also tied to a very special moment for me in 2023.

NYC Experience

As far as NYC Experiences, I think the Inter Immersive Art Exhibit was an exceptional one and definitely layered with meaning, fun, and something unlike other art exhibits that I have tried.

Inter IAM immersive exhibit NYC
Inter IAM immersive exhibit NYC
Beauty Product

In the beauty world I definitely focused a lot on skincare and was thoroughly impressed with the Glow Recipe line. I will be going more into depth on each product, but something I think I will continue to use, even as I experiment with other systems is the Niacinimide Drops. I love the dual function of having it as part of my skincare lineup for added hydration but also as a great primer under makeup.


One random gadget that I don’t know how I lived without prior is this portable little lighting system. It has taken my content to another level, amplifying every image and it’s affordable and compact.

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