Kiko Cosmetics Charming Escape Collection Review

Believe it or not this is my first go around with Kiko Cosmetics. I just so happened to stumble into the Kiko Milano store during a panic for a new nude lip liner, and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. First of all, the brand is extremely affordable which was a major plus. Like I said I was in need of a lip liner so naturally I gravitated towards the lip products and came to find everything I swatched seemed so richly pigmented and creamy. However, the Kiko Charming Escape limited edition collection definitely spoke to me and I knew I had to pick some stuff up from this line specifically. 

The Charming Escapes collection is their autumn collection and I was OBSESSED swatching and trying some of these products. It was also inspired by the Italian countryside which if you didn’t know I had the chance to explore this summer (click here for more on my travels through Tuscany), so it holds a very soft spot to me now. For starters the packaging is gorgeous on all the products, and I love the special touches too like the embossed flowers on the lipstick and even the slight fragrances in the products. They also feel very heavy and luxe for being at drugstore prices. Here is more info on what I tried out.

Charming Escape Crystal Glass Lipgloss

This gloss is so gorgeous and reflective, I only just received it and I have loved wearing it in combination with the other Kiko Products and on its own as well. On its own it gives your lips a wet and mirror reflective look, literally like glass. Paired on top it is pretty sheer so doesn't change the color of your lip look too much but adds a beautiful high shine glimmer. It also has a pretty floral/maybe rose taste and scent which may not be your jam but I have enjoyed it. The gloss comes in three shades, I chose 01 Fashinating Nude.

Charming Escape Luxurious Shine Lipstick

This lipstick is absolutely stunning. It is extremely creamy and glides on so smoothly almost to where you'd think you would have a slip slidey mess. Not the case. It also feels very plush and nourashing on the lips, made with real Italian olive oil. It wears so comfortably and just looks so amazing, like a beautiful lip balm with way more pigmentation. I enjoy the color and think it is a great lighter but still sort of mid range nude. There are six shades of this luxurious shine formula and also six shades in their matte formula. I have the lightest nude called Creamy Wheat. This product also has a slightly floral fragrance but definitely more mild than the lipgloss.

Charming Escape Long Lasting Lip Liner

Another winner for me. This lip liner claims to hold for 12 hours and it definitely proved its long lasting power. Even when I swatched my arms, it was a little resistent when wiping the makeup off. This liner is also really creamy going on but not messy. It comes in 6 shades. I have the lightest in Creamy Cappuccino.

Top: Liner in Creamy Cappuccino. Bottom Lipstick in Creamy Wheat.

Although I only picked up lip products. The Charming Escapes collection covers a complete makeup range, everything from face, eyes, even brushes. The single shadows, I only got to swatch in store, but I can already tell you I highly recommend them. They felt like butter and the colors were so unique and special with different colored shifts within them. Some of my favorite colors were Brown Wood and Green Sage. I would definitely check them out, and who knows, I may end up purchasing them anyway.

So far I have been so in love with these products, its tragic they are limited addition. Definitely let me know if you end up getting your hands on them and what you think.

Kiko Charming Escapes Full Collection

Have you tried any products or collections from Kiko? If so definitely let me know your recommendations of your favorite products as well.


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