Kythira Food Diary

Kythira not only had incredible beaches, a beautiful town, and friendly people, but the food here was absolutely incredible everywhere we went. Unfortunately, just about none of these locations have an official menu or website so you’ll just have to take my word for it, but each is definitely worth checking out.

Sotiris Taverna

Grilled Manouri Salad

Such a light and refreshing lunch option with creamy manouri cheese, a delicious vinaigrette and I love the pop of citrus with the mandarin oranges. Plus a delicious cherry lemonade.

Location: Avlemonas 801 00, Greece


I had a delicious affogato with a view at Arachtopoleio which is a cute cocktail bar with a view of the sea.

Location: : Αβλέμονας, Κάτω λιμάνι, Avlemonas 802 00, Greece


Roasted Eggplant, String Beans, And Garlic Dip

Skandeia feels like true clean eating. Almost as if everything was grown in the garden, the meat was killed on the grounds. It all has a very fresh and home cooked feeling. The eggplant was by far a favorite and was so flavorful. The goat was so tender fall of the bone and and the pork chops were also unique and tasty.

Baby Goat
Orange Pork

Location: Παλαιόπολη 801 00, Greece


Alatarrea is a beautiful seaside restaurant by Chopped Champion Nicholas Polumentis. Naturally the food is phenomenal with the freshness of the ingredients being very evident and just being overall delicious. As always there were a few unique twists. Such as the light fluffy cheese pie and beautifully roasted sweet onions.

Kythirian Dakos Salad
Roasted Stuffed Onions
Stuffed Squid

The stuffed squid

Cheese Pie
Seafood Risotto

Kapsali also has a stip of bars and cafes along the water, a few with live music, but nothing to wild and crazy. It is definitely a location that is great for families.

Tony’s Pizza

Truffle Pizza

I enjoy the open kitchen concept here and the views are lovely with a unique layout and ambience. The pizza also definitely did not disappoint.

Manolis Taverna

Octopus Salad, Tirokafteri, Tzaziki

Definitely one of my favorite meals in Greece I found all the food to be fresh and very delicious. The orzotto being one of my favorites to date.

Grilled Octopus

Seafood Orzotto

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