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Happy July everyone. I hope that everyone has been having a beautiful summer so far and that there are plenty of more fun plans in the pipeline for you.

I wanted to take this time to switch gears and apologize for my absence during the month of June. I always have looked at this platform as a place of escape and a resource to inspire others to live life to the fullest to aspire to create experiences for themselves. I hope this post provides inspiration in a different and a bit of a more profound way.

Unfortunately earlier this month, my family has been faced with a tragic event that has changed life as we know it right now. Perhaps I will go in further detail sharing this story in the future but for now I wanted to share what I have learned from this extremely difficult experience.

This Moment Is All You Have

I think that this is something that people assume to know but when extreme experiences happen to you, you really come to feel it more intensely and deeply. LIFE CAN CHANGE IN A MOMENT. A split second. Where life as you know it will no longer be the same.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to take the step toward something you want or go towards your dream or finally rest if you need it. Don’t wait till later to spend time with your loved one or to say I love you. Don’t take for granted your lifestyle or your possessions or any of the little moments you have throughout the day. Don’t sweat the small stuff or live in fear or what ifs. Unfortunately it usually takes the crap things to realize that “problem” you have is likely so insignificant and that this crazy thing called life is full of twists and turns. You have nothing to lose and there are guarantees for tomorrow. Wherever you are at right now be present with it. Be grateful for the good. Go for it.

Strangers Care

Throughout these difficult days one of the newest but most profound realizations has been that strangers care. When the going gets tough sometimes you can expect family and friends to be there for you, but what you don’t expect are the love and prayers and small acts of kindness that you will receive from people you have never met before in your life. Just a smile or saying hello to some one you walk past. You never know what people are going through and what it would mean to them to be acknowledged. It could be the smallest of things but it almost makes it all the more special. In receiving it from others I realize and choose to be the same force for good towards others.

Small Acts Of Kindness Matter

To piggy back off of the last thought, I have come to see how important small acts of kindness are. Again, this could be as simple as saying thank you and meaning or genuinely taking interest in another’s day. Small gifts or thoughtful gestures mean so much to any one, not just for those going through something, and it is magnetized especially when you don’t ask for it. Do something nice for someone today and when it comes back in return show genuine appreciation for it.

Relationships Rank First- Check In & Show Up For Others

Life gets hectic and busy but I have come to see that the relationships you have with others might be the most sacred of all the things in life. As an “experiencer” and talking of experiences, they truly mean nothing if you have no one to share them with, and I mean that in the good and the bad. The things I post about on this blog wouldn’t be the same and are infinantly more special when shared with loved ones. When times are bad, it is again your loved ones that keep you strong and positive, often showing up with small acts of kindness to make life a little easier. Keep your loved ones close and check in on them too. Everyone has SOMETHING going on in their lives, if you only take the time to ask. Be there for one another.

Life Goes On

No matter what you are going through today remember as long as your breathing, life is still going on. Whether you are in a great or dark place right now, the sun will rise and set like any other day over and over and you have to accept and be present with what is right now. Nothing last forever, not even darkness and pain. For all the blessings you have continue to enjoy them, I hope and know there are more to come. For those in a dark place, manage what you can, control the controllables and continue to add joy into your life where you can. Even the hardest and longest of storms are followed by sun, winter followed by spring. Keep grounded and strong for the better days to come.

With that said, I plan on a full return to ERA en Vogue. I have worked so hard to build this platform and the followership I have achieved so far and won’t be stopped by a wrong turn, roadblock, or any other setback. In this one life, I have found purpose in this little corner of the internet, sharing and exposing experiences through the medians that resonate most to me, and I will continue to share them through all the facets of life. Thank you for being a part of this community. I hope you have a takeaway from this entry and will come back again for a little more lighthearted lifestyle inspiration to put these lessons into action.

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