Lilac Series: Sets For Summer At Kyma Hudson Yards

showpo two piece set kyma hudson yards

Live life and look good doing it is the Era en Vogue motto isnt it. For this spring and summer, lilac is definitely a hot color again and I have been wearing it in one way or another almost ever time I go out. It is a pop of color that isn’t too loud and definitely seasonally appropriate. This two piece set from Showpo is definitely a favorite and deserved a little highlight. I mean – it really is a showstopper and I got tons of compliments over it. The inverted neck line is all the rage these days too, with the wrap detail giving you lot of possibilities for different kinds of looks. Overall a very on trend look and one that almost requires no effort in styling since it alone steals the show. I did go for a monochrome vibe with matching colored heals and bag.

I wore it to Kyma Hudson Yards, another hugely on trend location these days. While I have only eaten at the Kyma location in Roslyn (see here), I am sure the food is just as good. The cocktails were definitely great. I tried the Kymatini and the Sunflower Spritz, two light and crisp options.

Kymatini (with gin)

This location also stays true to the Kyma branding as far as having a lively, party-like atmosphere with loud music and people dancing on tables on a Saturday night. Definitely a solid location for a night out with the girls. It is also a great spot for those Instagram worthy pics.

Two piece summer set At Kyma Hudson Yards

Be sure to check back next week for part two of the lilac series where I share some more style inspiration of how I have been wearing the color of the moment.

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Memorial Day Weekend pretty much marks the first weekend of summer (unofficially). What are you guys all up to? What are some more trends you’d like to see styling inspo on? Let me know!

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