Long Island Eats: Hendricks Tavern

Hendericks Tavern Long Island

What seems like a boys club inside, Hendricks Tavern is definitely a great spot in the area and definitely brings in crowds of all ages. On the inside it seems like a boys club, the outside with fire pits and twinkling lights gives more of a trendy vibes. I’ve come on a weekend for a drink as they were completely full on reservations and for dinner on a Tuesday, also definitely crowded and a happening night to be out.


The lobster mac and cheese and the truffle Robiola Pizza are just exceptional. My favorite orders of the night and can’t be missed. They are just so tasty, creamy and rich. Solid scores across the board.

ROBIOLA PIZZA truffle oil

pomergranate, arugula, almonds, burssel sprouts, golden raisins, white balsamic vinaigrette

I appreciate a salad that is a little out of the ordinary and both are very good. I really appreciate the golden raisins in the quinoi salad and I generally love a little pear and goat cheese combo. I guess my only gripe would be the portion size if you’re looking to share with a lot of people. But then again when you order as much as we did, it really isn’t an issue.

arugula, endive, goat cheese, pecans, sherry vinaigrette

A lot of potential in this bite of food. However I am super particular with meat. A touch over temperature and my entire opinion changes. Unfortunately this medium rare lover girl got a medium well slider. Jury is out.


This on the other hand was a steak done right. In all its simplicity, this Colorado ribeye was perfectly cooked and definitely a good portion size. The sides we good but again simple, nothing too outrageous. I would say the truffle fries were the tastiest of the three options.

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