Long Island Eats: Italian Food At Seventh Street Cafe

Need an Italian fix outside NYC? Seventh Street Cafe in Garden City has a wide menu variety to meet all the cravings you may have. Is it the best Italian food around, well no, but it also definitely wasn’t anything to complain about. The restaurant was taken over by a partner from Scotto Brothers Catering. I definitely get that catering hall vibe within the food, but hey no one said it’s a bad thing. The portions were large, and it was overall a satisfying meal. Seventh Street Cafe has tons of dining space both indoor and outdoors and the decor is really cute as well. The service was wonderful and welcoming. If Long Island is home to you and you’re in a pinch, I don’t think you’ll regret stopping by here.

Pollo Monica
Breast of chicken sauteed with shallots, white wine, and butter. Topped with plum tomatoes, prosciutto, and melted mozzarella cheese.

For the record, I would recommend both the Pollo Monica and the Vitello Vittoria. Both are super rich dishes with good flavor. This cheesy potato gratin isn’t always on the menu, but if it is available, GET IT. But like I said, the menu is large and intriguing with so many other options that sound great also.

One tip I do think I would suggest when ordering however is to stick with wine over cocktails. Granted I only tried one (apologies I can’t even remember the name of it), but it definitely fell short for me.

Vitello Vittoria
Tender medallions of veal scalloppini, dipped in egg batter, and sauteed in lemon, butter, and marsala wine. Topped with slices of fried zucchini, prosciutto, and onion.

With all that experience in catering, naturally Seventh Street Cafe is also available for Private Parties. They also offer brunch on the weekends.

Seventh Street Cafe Website

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