Long Island Eats: Louie’s Port Washington Review

So as per my last post, Long Island has become quite a hotspot since indoor dining has been allowed. To give you another option, I figured I’d give the run down on another popular spot: Louie’s Grill & Liquors in Port Washington. The restaurant itself is beautiful, really big, right on the water, and a nice spot for hosting events once those become a thing again.

In regards to the food, I am going to be completely honest, I wasn’t a fan. HOWEVER. I do want to acknowledge that I think I have been doing Louie’s wrong all along. Sometimes you think restaurant on the water, and you tend to gravitate toward all the seafood style dishes. Aside from Oysters, which I am kicking myself for not getting, it is called Louie’s GRILL, as in items off the grill are likely the better bet. And don’t get me wrong, the food is not bad, it is just a little lack luster or average. The best word to describe it is fine. But as Louie’s is quite close to home and just has a great ambience, I’ll likely be back having learned from my mistakes and I am just curious to see how the verdict changes.

Here’s what I have had so far…

Fresh Burrata Accompanied by an Heirloom Tomato Jam, Basil Purée and Italian Prosciutto

Consistency wise no complaints. The buratta was nice and creamy but perhaps a little bland. Also I would have definitely appreciated more prosciutto . Overall standard.

Trio of Crispy Shell Tacos Stuffed with Sweet Lobster, Sriracha Mayo and Micro Cilantro

This definitely delivers all it says. I always hate ordering a lobster dish and they get so stingy on the lobster itself. Not the case here. These tacos are loaded and drenched with sauce. It is good, but not necessarily a wow punch in flavor.

Pair of Lump Crab Cakes with a Lemon White Wine Sauce
Rustic Croutons, Parmigiano Chip, Lemon-Herb Caesar Dressing

Also a good standard crab cake. The sauce and texture is definitely light and mild. It is worth trying as is the kale and romaine ceasar. A very typical, cant mess it up type of salad.

Lightly Battered and Fried Golden. Marinara Sauce
Served with Crispy Wonton Chips

The Calamari was also good, but running theme here is standard. Well cooked, some good sauce, but not the best I have ever had. This spicy tuna dip was definitely one of the hits at the table although for me personally was again, fine. When I think spicy tuna, I imagine a little more flavor and spice, like a spicy tuna roll. This one fell a little short.

So while this sounded like a completely negative review, I can’t emphasize enough that these are not bad dishes. Ordering any one of them won’t leave you feeling like a complete fail, send this shit back type of deal. But as a major foodie myself, I have extremely high expectations and I want my space to be completely open and honest. Simply put, I have had better. If I come across some better options, you will be the first to know.

Louis Website

For a rundown on another Long Island favorite check out my last post here.

Almost a full month in to 2021. Let me know what you guys are looking forward to seeing in the months ahead.

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