My skin is freaking Out! What I did/What not to do…Drunk Elephant Fail?

So the other day, what possessed me to start experimenting with my skincare…..I don’t know.

About a year ago, I invested in the Drunk Elephant Skin Serums. I had both the C-Firma™ Day Serum and the Night Serum. I always have a fear testing out new skincare as my skin is super sensitive and other than an acne fighting cleanser, I tend to stick with a very basic system. Last year I faced far more break outs than I do now and was trying to experiment a lot to solve the problem. The issue was, I couldn’t figure out the trigger. So I would use a product, find my skin irritated, and stop. Then try again at a random point in time and it would be the same story.

I think this was definitely the issue with my Drunk Elephant products. Assuming they do work, I guess I never gave them a fair chance to actually do their job. However the Day Serum (being that it has concentrated dose Vitamin C) went bad very soon after opening. The times I did use it I felt as though it may have purged my skin a little and by the time I had a better canvas to work with, it was expired and I couldn’t use it.

The point of this post however started when I tried to circle back to the T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum, with a tiny pump of the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil as the system suggests. I broke out like CRAZY. Tiny little white heads everywhere on my face, including places where I no longer break out.

Did I handle the situation correctly….probably not.
I saw the tiny pimples and figured maybe they were clogged pores. So what did I do? Slapped the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Mask. The Glamglow mask is definitely harsh so after I first used it I notice my skin is more red, sensitive, and even dryer. It also tingles and tightens up while it is on so “you know it’s working.” It is another product I just can’t form an opinion on because my consistency with it isn’t often, and when I do use it it’s during times where my skin isn’t doing great. So is it part of the problem? Ineffective? Or helping and I havn’t given it a chance? WHO KNOWS. What I do know is that it is time for a little detox.

Last night I washed my face with my Murad Acne cleanser, moisturized, used a bit of an aloe plant, and I am leaving it at that. Perhaps I’ll dabble in some spot treatment with teatree oil but otherwise I will be keeping it simple for the next few days and avoiding makeup.

I think the most disappointing part here is that all these skin care additions to my routine are very costly, and these are AWARD WINNING products. So I keep racking my brain of where things are going wrong for me. Is consistency is the problem, the products themselves, or my skin just can’t handle these “extras”?

Another thing that crossed my mind of whether these products (the night serum, oil, and even the mask) can be expired. It’s been about a year since I have purchased them all. Should I re-purchase them all and try again? In any case would love to hear your thoughts. Have you guys tried these products? How do you use them? And does ANY ONE have some tips for when the damage is already done…

Appreciate all the help ❤️

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10 thoughts on “My skin is freaking Out! What I did/What not to do…Drunk Elephant Fail?

  1. That’s a nightmare. The products could be out of date. Keep it simple. Stop using active while your skin heals and use gentle products with few ingredients. Cerave or can vanicream or avene may be useful. Expensive products aren’t necessarily better. Good luck!

      1. That is typical. It’s hard to wear sunscreen with irritated skin especially if it’s chemical so hopefully the sun on your vacation isnt too much of an issue. I look forward to reading an update on what you find yo be helpful for your skin.

        1. I absolutely will keep you updated!
          And yes hopefully wont be an issue. The one I have been using the last few times out in the sun was called Elta and I think I really like it. Will advise the more I use it. The other one I have is one from Algenist, which may be chemical so I will avoid.

  2. You might already do this but when you buy new products, you should avoid using them at the same time. Try one new product for a week or two, see what it’s like. Once you’ve been using it for a while, then introduce another one. Also, Vitamin C products or other acids should always be used very lightly (like every two days for example) until you know for sure your skin can handle them. I know that for some people, Vit C just doesn’t work with their skin.

    1. I am kind of all over the place with that. Some times I incorporate whole new systems, sometimes just one product. But that is so true. Some great tips here! Thank you so much for sharing. 😁

  3. The cleansing gel I tried from Sephora didn’t work too well for me either. It made my face a bit red . Didn’t have a problem with the protini cream though.

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