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If you’re familiar with Long Island, especially when it comes to the more high end spots out here, that restauranter Anthony Scotto must be behind it. With successful locations such as Rare650, Insignia Prime Steak & Sushi, Blackstone Steakhouse, , One10 Modern Italian Steakhouse, and Opus Steakhouse, Bijou is his newest venture and a little experimentation with a new fusion menu of Modern American Asian and French influences.

Just opening in December, I knew I had to check it out. I went on a Friday night recently and sure did have an experience.

For starters, the location is HUGE, quite frankly I may even be uncertain to how big. There is a large bustling bar and even an area that turns into a dance floor later on, a main dining area, and some banquet rooms that are used for private events. The decor is stunning. Very modern elegant and chic with lot’s of Instagram worthy spots. When I visited there was a DJ making your dinner more of like a club outing and dinner a 2-1 which I don’t find to be a bad thing at all, especially in Long Island where a lively scene isn’t too easy to find. I wouldn’t call it madness, but Bijou was incredibly lively. The bar area over flowing, almost every table, if not every table, in the house taken. Bijou really seems the place to be. Crowd wise, let’s be honest – there is a lot of silicone in there (you know what I mean) and a lot of “macho” men waiting to show you how much mct oney they have. Even so, do not let that scare you off from Bijou. I havn’t even gotten to the food and drink portion of it all.

Like I said, dining at Bijou was an experience. I ordered a tableside Manhattan which aside from the mezmerizing process of smoking the wood chips and glass to the mixology aspect of it, was hands down, no second thought needed the best Manhattan I have ever had in my life. For fun and just to test out a little more of the cocktail menu I tried the Smok Toki (Suntory TOKI Japanese Whisky, House-Made Lavender Syrup, Natalie’s Red Grapefruit Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Finished with Del Maguey Vida Mezcal) which was also exceptional and a great pick for whiskey lovers.

For A Food Rundown.

Don’t you worry. I will be back to test more and take proper pictures of everything but in all honesty, we were STARVING and in this scenario, the camera just could not eat first. Actually eating was such a blur as well but I can tell you this. The food at Bijou was exceptional and there was not a single thing that I didn’t enjoy. Really. Any of the below items mentioned will not leave you disappointed and I definitely recommend them all. Some stand out you can’t skip on these orders for me was definitely the Bijou Pork Buns – I thought that it was a really sophisticated and delicious savory sweet bite. The steak was tasty and cooked to perfection, pairing nicely with the fried rice. Also, it is imperative you save room for dessert. The bruleed cheesecake is completely out of this world.

Our order included:

SPICY TUNA CRISPY RICE: avocado, jalapeno, tobiko, wasabi cream, sweet soy

Special Rolls:

SPICY GIRL: spicy crunchy crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, shrimp on top

KING CRAB RANGOON: tomato ponzu, chili oil, scallion, fresno

BIJOU PORK ‘BUNS’: miso-soy glaze, pickled cucumber, coconut donut

CRACKLING ROCK SHRIMP: scallion, fresno, tobiko, mango-sriracha aioli

ROAST PORK FLAT IRON FRIED RICE: shanghai style red roast pork, Bijou trinity, cabbage, peas, soft cooked egg, scallion


TOKYO CAESAR: romaine, tatsoi, bok choy, garlic-anchovy kewpie, crispy cheese & wonton, cured egg yolk

ASIAN CHOPPED VEGGIEcabbage, romaine, citrus, vegetable, cashew, crispy chow mein noodles, ginger dressing

BRULÉED CHEESECAKE: yuzu, ‘berry salad’, tarragon

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE TART:five spice, espresso, raspberry, black tea chantilly

SINGAPORE FRY BREAD: chinese donuts, fruit jam

There is also something to be said about good service and our waitress was as good as they come. While the food and drinks didn’t come out as timely (these things happen with a restaurant that busy) or waitress was very attentive, apologetic and even made me another round of the tableside Manhattan on the house to make up for the delays in the food and the drirnks. She was so sweet and attentive throughout the night and really made the experience all the more memorable. For me this was also a belated birthday celebration and our waitress even went back to get me another sparkler so that I could have the perfect birthday photo both alone and with my girls. She really went out of her way and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Bijou Website

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