New Orleans Food Diary

The absolute highlight of my trip, I definitely think my favorite part of New Orleans was the food culture. I made it a point to keep it authentic and this line up I made for you CANNOT be skipped when visiting the Big Easy. As I have mentioned, when I visit a new place I always like to have the full experience meaning whatever originated there or if it is famous in anyway I am 100% ordering it or going there. New Orleans is like the mecca of original food recipes such as various types of Oysters, Bananas Foster, those Cajun/Creole favorites (yes, there is a difference) and more! New Orleans is such a melting pot for different cuisines and dishes and unfortunately I barely touched the surface of the “must try’s” in the area. However, everywhere I went and everything I ordered was amazing and a true experience. I will most definitely be back to try more.


Acme Oyster house is definitely one of the more well known spots when visiting NOLA. Charbroiled oysters are said to have originated in New Orleans and wow, what a life changing experience. I was so unprepared for how much I would fall in love with them, I ordered them twice on my trip! We also ordered some fresh oysters which were delicious as well but there are truly no words for these charbroiled ones.

Po-Boy’s are another New Orleans staple. This one had fried shrimp and oysters which don’t get me wrong was great, but didn’t hold a candle to the charbroiled oysters. Also, I could have done with a little more sauce, mayo or something.

Acme Website

Cafe Beignet

One simply does not come to New Orleans without trying a beignet. These fluffy powdery perfect pastries are quite delicious. Everyone goes crazy over Cafe Du Mond – which is also amazing and worth visiting BUT, cafe beignet is equally delicious and you’ll likely have less of a line. I also tried the Café Au Lait which is said to be a famous coffee drink in NOLA. I’m pretty sure it is just coffee with warm milk but either way, good enough for me.

Cafe Beignet Website

Beignets, Cafe Au Lait &
Cajun Hash Browns:
Homestyle potatoes, andouille sausage, bell pepper & red onion with scrambled eggs

Johnnys Po Boys

Now this Po-Boy did me proud. You would think a simple roast beef sandwich could be found anywhere but this one is definitely the best one I have ever had. The type you need a huge stack of napkins for and that will leave you so satisfied. As mentioned, I like the FULL experience so we gave the worker free range to fix it up how he felt best but they generally come with cheese, lettuce, tomato etc.

Roast Beef Po-Boy


Charboirled Oysters

Felix’s is another well known spot in the area serving up Oysters. If you haven’t gotten the memo, Oysters are a huge deal in NOLA and many different styles originated here. Naturally I got the charbroiled oysters again, the only time I have been on a trip and had something twice. So worth it! We also tried the Oysters Bienville, with also originated in New Orleans and is baked oysters in a shrimp sauce with mushrooms and cheese. Definitely a dish worth trying.

Oysters Bienville

Felix’s Website


I am sure you have definitely heard of Bananas Foster or even seen that flambeed bananas at some kind of event. Well it originated at Brennan’s and is still being served tableside to this day. These bananas are insanely good and not just in a sauce, but in a stick to your teeth delicious caramel. I also had Brennan’s famous Rum Milk Punch which was the perfect compliment.

Bananas Foster and Rum Milk Punch

Brennan’s Website

Central Grocery

Home of the original Mufaletta. Another sandwich that is just IMPRESSIVE. Mufaletta is essentially a cold cut sandwich (salami, ham, a few kinds of cheeses), with their homemade famous olive spread and served on a Mufaletta loaf. Duplicates exist at most delis, but nothing is quite like the original. It was a damn good sandwich.

Central Grocery Website

Cafe Du Mond

A definite must when visiting New Orleans. This establishment is a cult classic for serving up their beignets and chickory coffee (I got the frozen version). They were delicious as expected, but be warned for the HUGE crowds and lines (also as expected). Make sure you make the trip, but also make sure to carve out a nice amount of time for it.

Cafe Du Mond Website


Nothing quite like a seafood boil in the south. This crawfish boil was one of those WOW experiences that I still reminisce about from time to time. Basically you pick your preffered seafood (We had a combo of crawfish, crab and shrimps), then pick your flavor (we went with the Boil combination), and your heat level. I like it spicy but we went medium as you can always add more but can’t take away. Keep scrolling to see the damage done.

We also got some alligator bites which was great to try but I reccommend you save every ounce of space in your stomach for the seafood boil. Its out of this world, and so much food you can share it with multiple people.

Boil Website


Circa 1840 serving French-Creole dining & the birthplace of oysters Rockefeller, Antione’s is New Orleans oldest restaurant and an incredible dining experience. It is also the oldest family owned restaurant in the US lasting through major historical events such the Civil War, two World Wars, Prohibition, the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina, and many famous dining patrons such as Bill Clinton, Franklin Roosevelt, Pope John Paul II, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, and more! Antiones is as much a landmark as it is a restaurant with delicious food.

Lemon Drop
Oysters Rockefeller

We ordered both of their signature dishes. Oysters Rockefeller and the Pompano Pontchatrain, both originating at the restaurant. We also had a small bowl of the seafood gumbo, because you just can’t get enough gumbo in the south. Everything was so delicious and had a delicate effortlessness about it. It was really an amazing dining experience as you feel transported to another era of class and elegance. It can be a little on the pricier side so lunch might be a better option for you. They have a prix-fixe tasting menu and serve up lunch cocktail specials for I believe 10 or 15 cents, though your options depend on the cocktail of the day.

Pompano Pontchartrain
Grilled delicate pompano filet, butter poached jumbo lump crabmeat, white wine sauce, onion rice, seasonal vegetables
Seafood Gumbo
Blue crab and shrimp stock, trinity, Gulf shrimp, oysters, lump crabmeat, okra, file

Antoine’s Website

Dat Dog

I have a confession to make in that, I asked the waiter for a “surprise” and have no idea which hot dogs I ordered. What I will say was that the hot dogs were delicious, very gourmet feeling, and a perfect late night snack thats not fast food.

Dat Dog Website

Gumbo Shop

Chicken Andouille Gumbo
Boneless chicken, Andouille (a Cajun Sausage), okra and seasonings simmered in
chicken stock – Selected by locals as the best Gumbo in the city!

Another classic spot in Nola, Gumbo and all those Cajun/ Creole eats are a huge must. I definitely recommend these dishes are they are both delicious and authentic to the culture of New Orleans.

Creole Combination Platter
(Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice)

Gumbo Shop Website.


Just a little extra, Krystal is said to be the white castle of the south. Local’s go crazy over it so I had to try it. It’s good, pretty much exactly like white castle. Definitely stick with the other gems and food I mentioned above but if you need a late night bite I am pretty sure it is open 24 hours so you can’t go wrong.

Krystal Website

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  1. Oh my gosh! I’m so jealous of you (but in a good way), everything looks delicious. I wish I could eat it all. We went to New Orleans several years, but we didn’t get to enjoy all the food like you, we did have our beignets at Cafe Dumond as well. Gorgeous pics 🙂

    1. Thanks so much❤️ It really was! I could spend my whole trip eating my way through that city. Cafe Du Mond was also amazing!

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