New Brand Alert: Caliray Review And Spring Makeup Look

Clean formulas, dirty minds, and sexy sustainability. Quite the tagline there Caliray.

Caliray is the new makeup brand from former Urban Decay owner Wende Zomnir. Urban Decay was a company that changed the game many years ago with cult classic products like the NAKED palettes and many vibrant bold colored product lines with amazing formulas. Definitely a turn away from the extreme ideals that Urban Decay possesses, Caliray is a step back from the full coverage, full glam makeup vibe- a major step back. Laid back and natural confidence is the theme in this new collection inspired by the easy going, wellness centric, Californian lifestyle that Zomnir has come to make for herself. 

I will say the love affair she has with co-founder Jenna Dover is quite remarkable. It kind of makes me have a girl crush on their friendship and sisterhood.  Their fuck it attitude and lifestyle is truly admirable, and they are definitely not shy when it comes to their sexuality and bringing that conversation to the table. 

There is literally so much to mention about this new brand. Their mission towards sustainability is really beautiful and thorough with a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly products, process,  and packaging. They have partnered with so many brands to ensure that they are not only creating a clean product(also clean according to Sephora standards), but that even through their production practices and packaging, they are preserving our environment. Caliray has partnered with Pact – a non profit organization to make sure that no beauty packaging ends up in landfills or in the ocean. Basically the way it works is that Caliray will pay for both the recycling and shipping cost and all you have to do is collect your empty packages and drop it off at your nearest USPS location. It is also OK to ship multiple brands and types of products. This is definitely a unique concept but is one that I am most excited about. Way to go Caliray. For more info click here.

They have also partnered with other organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council certifying the use of recycled paper for their packaging, and Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil minimizing the impact of palm oil cultivation, just to name a few. Of course aside from a clean environment, rest assured the product is also free from any harmful ingredients.

Now while it all sounds fine and dandy, I actually gave these products a little test. Keep reading for how it went in my first impression wear test.

Freedreaming Clean Wellness Tint

Claims: Clean super lightweight, tinted face elixer with 64.5% natural origin ingredients. Blurring effects, regenerating antioxidents. Minimizes pores and imperfections. Hydrates. Blurs and breaths easy. Ingreidents: Prickly Pear extract: for hydration and skin shooting protection. Tryglycerides and Huymectant Glycol: high- moisture baseline Natural Silcia: blurring, smoothing, longer wear Vitamin C & E: firming and plumping

While in Sephora I was committed to trying out the line, but I’ll be honest, in store this product got me hella nervous. Apologies to my local Sephora but I made a fuckin mess. This product is just like straight up water. It is so thin and liquidy every time I opened it, it was a little bit of a spill. In being that it was so thin I was also concerned about how it would cover. It by no means claims to have a full coverage nor a medium coverage finish but I’m not 13 anymore with baby butt skin. So when it came down to application I applied it with my hands. I was a little worried that a brush or sponge would just soak it all up otherwise. I definitely will play around with how I apply it but my hands worked just fine and the product blended out effortlessly. I also found that it kind of has a powdery dry down and left my skin feeling very soft (although not hydrated). You definitely don’t feel like you are wearing any make up, and that is a good thing.
As expected, there really was no coverage by this product and my pores and imperfections were definitely still visible. HOWEVER. I surprisingly really love it. I think that for its purposes of what it is that it does, it evens out your skin tone and just gives you a balanced tint and even face, making it perfect for an every day out the door kind of look. I definitely find it lightweight and breathable and for those with perfect skin I could definitely see this easily as a one and done product for you. Although it is very water based I don’t find this by any means to be a glowy/ dewey product and I find that it gives a more skin-like and natural if not more matte type of finish. Best described it is a barely there no makeup makeup look and I will defintitely continue to use it in that way. Some more fun facts: There are 10 shades – I used Shade 6. I think due to the sheerness you definitely have a little flexibility in choosing a shade.

UPDATE: After further use of this product, the glow definitely starts to come back into the skin as the product sits but does not look at all greasy. 

Glazed And Infused Lip Plumper

Claims: skincare level ingredient lip infusion. Not sticky. Glides on like an oil and hydrates like a cushiony balm with proven biomimetic peptides for real plumping action.

I LOVE this gloss. I love the thin lightweight texture. It definitely is high shine and a beautiful sheer but complimentary color. I think it goes great alone, with just a lip liner, or could work on top of a variety of lipsticks. While I wouldn't compare it to many "plumping glosses" (it definitely doesn't have that tingly sensation or makes your lips look particularly full), but it does smooth over the lips nicely and gives you a plush feeling. I highly recommend and definitely will continue to use it. It is also available in 6 shades. I have the shade Free Palomas but wouldn't mind having any of the colors in my collection.

Surfproof Pencil - Shade: The Deeeeep

Claims: Super soft, highly pigmented, velvety finish. Glides on tug free.

Wow. Just wow. I put zero pressure and zero effort into applying this eyeliner and it came out so creamy and richly pigmented. It truly just glides on effortlessly. I also loved the teal shade and think it really makes brown eyes stand out. I also played around with smudging the top lid and found that to be an effortless process as well. Just in case, I did one eye at a time but I definitely think you have a little playtime as it doesn't dry down instantly. The wear time was also pretty good. There is also a black and brown shade that I would be interested in purchasing as well.

Claims: Clean, water resistant with tubing tech, buildable, easy removal. Formulated with: Argan oil for lush lash conditioning. Film forming agents to elongate the lash without smudging. Triple wax mix for soft creamy build-able texture. And tubing tech making it water resistance with easy roll off removal.

My experience: I think that this is a really nice overall mascara and especially perfect for natural makeup. I think that the brush is very beginner friendly and I do enjoy the natural bristle brush. I also think that it is a good size as well and that being a dryer formula that it makes it a bit easier to work with too. The formula was nice and I think added beautiful length although it wasn’t the most voluminous mascara I have every tried. While it definitely removed easily I wouldn’t call it completely flake free. I didn’t have smudgy raccoon eyes but did saw some flakes under my eyes by the end of the day. I will most definitely continue to use it.


Teal Liner Natural Spring Makeup Tutorial

  1. I just did my basic skincare routine. Currently the Biologique Recherche line.
  2. Then I added about a quarter size amount of the Caliray Free Dreaming Tint and applied it with my hands.
  3. I used a bit of my Estee Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix Concealer and used both the priming and a bit of the concealer side. Again this is a very light weight light coverage product that I blended in with my fingers.
  4. I used the Too Face Sweet Peach Blush palette bronzer, and blush. Both again – very soft glowy base products. You can use any that you have on hand but I do like the idea of using more luminous base products for this fresh Spring look.
  5. I added some Becca Opal highlighter to the high points of my cheekbones. (Not too much). Any soft champagne highlighter will do.
  1. I used a bit of my concealer to prime the lids
  2. I used the Anastasia Subculture palette for those similar teal tones as the liner (although I barely used any of them). I set down my base with Dawn
  3. I used Fudge with the brush it came with and added a very sheer amount into the crease just for some slight definition to open up the eye
  4. I took a clean brush to further diffuse the shade
  5. I used the Caliray liner in the Deeeeep and lined my inner water line and added some to the top line as well smudging out the top liner with a pencil brush.
  6. I then added another small amount of the liner to the lash line just to add back in some pigment that got lost from smudging it out. If you have a teal shadow shade there is always the option of setting down the liner with a simliar shade such as Axis from the Anastasia palette.
  7. I used the Caliray Come Hell Or High Water Mascara to the upper and lower lash line
  8. I just add a little of the Milk brow gel
  1. I used the Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Liner in 3C – lined the lips and blended it out with my finer.
  2. I topped it with the Cailray Glaze And Infused Plump And Glassy Lip Trip in the shade Free Palomas

Not for nothing but the Caliray brand is really giving me FOMO about California living. I have never been but I think it just might be about time for a visit. 

As mentioned, I also love the brands commentary and how they really just don’t give a fuck. It makes the branding really approachable and relatable. Like the free dreaming slogan of: That feeling of unhooking your bra but for your face and that “Life’s too short to be getting ready.” 

I agree ladies and the products definitely attest to the message. Every time I have used the line I am out the door in 10 minutes.

 I am really excited to keep using these products I am sure will be putting them to use regularly. I am also definitely excited for more launches to come.

Also! I filmed this version of a first impression which I am planning to post on my new Youtube channel coming soon! Stay tuned for updates.

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