NYC Eats: Gatsby’s Landing Times Square & Roslyn

Gatsby's Landing Times Square & Roslyn

Gatsby’s Landing has been a hidden gem in Roslyn, Long Island, and, now their new-ish location is a most welcome addition to the Times Square area. Especially for NYC locals, Times Square is not a place you are willing to trek through without a show ticket or an out-of-towner in tow. It was simply not the most known area for quality eats. Gatsby’s Landing, on the other hand, absolutely warrants the excursion through the midtown madness.

Photo via the Gatsby’s Landing website

I would describe the vibe to be very upscale casual. There is an evident retro aspect to it, as it is inspired by the 1920’s novel The Great Gatsby, however it is also very tastefully modernized. It has a simplistic elegance but it is still very approachable, which reminds me of the style of food served here as well. Gatsby’s Landing showcases seasonal, organic, farm fresh ingredients for their New American menu. It is where impressive fine dining meets casual comfort food, and there really is such an extensive menu, so there is something for everyone.

Food Rundown

Gatsbys Landing Times Square Octopus Carpaccio
Pesto Rosso, Celery, EVOO, Micro Basil

The octopus carpaccio is a really bright and light bite of food. It tastes so fresh and the pesto, which I believe is made from sundried tomatoes, adds such a pop of flavor. While it is a bit of an unexpected addition, I also enjoy the crunch the celery gives. When taking a bite with all of these elements together it is really unique and delicious.

Whipped Sheeps Milk Ricotta, Truffle Honey

The zucchini blossoms are a fan favorite and rightfully so. They are so tasty but very light as well. And, no, I don’t just mean light pertaining to something fried. I personally ate this whole plate by myself and still had room for the rest of my meal. The zucchini blossoms are almost juicy on the inside and the cream it comes with is divine.

Smoked Duck Pancetta, Wild Mushroom, Duck Egg, Pecorino

Vodka, Triple Sec, White Cranberry

Thank God for all these light appetizer options I tried because the Duck Carbonara definitely screams elevated comfort food. All the pasta at both Gatsby’s locations are homemade and cooked al dente, a must in my opinion. The sauce is so rich and cheesy and I really enjoyed the twist on a classic using the duck pancetta and an even more surprising addition of mushrooms. I think the use of duck tamed the general saltiness of the carbonara and overall the flavors worked really well together.

Also photographed is the Gatsby’s Cosmopolitan, a remix on a classic with using white cranberry juice. This cocktail is very refreshing, with a little tang and just the right amount of sweetness. I could see how you could get carried away drinking these, you definitely don’t feel a thing.

Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, Graham Crackers, Marshmallow, Powdered Sugar

The finale at Gatsby’s Times Square was elegant, delicious, and quite the experience to eat. The chocolate salami comes out somewhat as a s’mores concept where you can sandwich your homemade graham cracker, chocolate salami and marshmallow for the perfect bite.

Bourbon, Thyme, Fresh Lemon Juice

Definitely a boozier option than the Gatsby’s Cosmo, the Lemon Thyme Bourbon is also an excellent cocktail with some body and very well balanced flavors. I definitely felt like I was in the Gatsby “old school” theme drinking it.


The Roslyn location of Gatsby’s Landing is just as lovely of a location as the Times Square one. The decor is very similar with beautiful touches such as the stained glass ceiling art and mirrors that reflect the chandeliers. There is also a beautiful patio with a view of the Roslyn pond. The food is just as on par with the Times Square location as well. While there are some consistencies in the menu, both have their unique offerings.

Photo via the Gatsby’s Landing website

Food Rundown

It could be due to the particular meals that I ordered, but I will say the portion sizes at the Roslyn location are heftier, in a good way. For example when I think crudo, especially, my experience in the past has been very light thin pieces, similarly to how the octopus carpaccio was served in Times Square. This tuna crudo, while still light, was definitely not a stingy portion by any means.

It is also just simply a delicious plate of food. The peppery layer gives a kick and I love how the freshness of the apple slaw complements it.

Pepper Crusted Rare Ahi Tuna, Apple Slaw and Ginger Lime Aioli
Chorizo Piperade, Grilled Ale Bread

It is like if you had some fine dining sausage and peppers, but way way better. The octopus is perfectly cooked and tender, which again, as a Greek, my standards are high. There is definitely a char and smokiness to this dish, whether it be from the chorizo or just from the grill, and the veggies accompanying it are so slowly braised with the sweeter flavors of the peppers really standing out. It comes together in a really great way and I find it to be a very unique rendition of grilled octopus. If I had a gripe, I would say the bread was a little past charred and more like burned, but at the same time, the bread is not even necessary to complete this dish.

Ravioli of the Day – Sweet potato with maple butter sauce

This ravioli was fantastic and the perfect fall comfort meal. It was definitely that savory sweet combination, but also very sophisticated. I loved how creamy and rich the filling was and I especially think that the crumble on top added such an amazing textural aspect. For such an indulgent dish, the sauce was the perfect pairing as it allowed the filling to stand out and didn’t make the dish overly heavy.

Braised Beef Short Rib, Whipped Mashed Potato, Truffle Chimichurri

These two dishes were absolutely outstanding and I highly recommend you check them out as they are seasonal and not around forever.

Let me start off by saying that both melt in your mouth, fall off the bone, and are rich, delicious pieces of meat. They both have so many layers of flavor you find yourself unpacking with each bite. The short rib has an intense wine flavor, which is fantastic, but there is another wave of flavor you just can’t quite pinpoint but that cuts through that richness and adds a little bright flavor.

Braised Veal Osso Buco Marsala, Farro, Ginger-Lime Gremolat

The veal was also incredibly flavorful, with a taste that you can tell it has been marinating and cooking for hours. I love how the robust texture of the farrow stands up to that melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the veal. I also love the complexity of flavor again as the addition of elements like the ginger and lime add a pop of something unexpected to the palette.

Also, returning to the theme of portion sizes, these two entrees are a feast and will definitely fill you up. Don’t ask me to choose one, I would consistently recommend ordering both and sharing them.

More fantastic cocktails from the Gatsby lineup. The Black Widow, I think, was my number one favorite cocktail between both locations. For the sake of not being redundant, I just love how it is balanced, not overly sweet, and I love the little unique twist that this has, featuring blackberries. It is also super light, refreshing, and definitely tasty. The watermelon margarita is a winner too, similar to the Black Widow but featuring watermelon and I would say a little more tart and reminiscent of a classic margarita.

Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Pieces, Graham Cracker Crumbs, Chocolate Syrup and Toasted Marshmallows –

The smore’s theme stands strong with this sundae available at the Roslyn location. I mean, what is not to love? You have all the elements of smore’s but in a fun whimsical sundae. I am a chocolate lover and there was plenty, which is a bonus. You won’t be disappointed with this order.

Gatsby’s Landing

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