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Redeye Grill NYC

Let’s be honest, delicious food and beautiful restaurants are not too hard to come by in New York City. That’s why from a restaurant perspective, I think it is important to have a little edge that sets you apart and make things memorable for the consumer. Dining at Redeye Grill definitely was an experience. In this massive location right across from Carnegie Hall and close to Central Park, the ambiance is beautiful and both sophisticated and eclectic. It’s vibe is very NYC American Bistro but with additional flare from the floor to ceiling artwork, the fresh seafood brought in daily on display, sculptures, and even a little fun dancing shrimp at the doorway in honor of their signature dish.

The Redeye Grill also has a restaurant within a restaurant concept with the 888 Cafe Bar adjacent to the main dining room, with equally beautiful ambiance and live music shows from Thursday to Saturday nights.

The Food

Part of what makes the Redeye Grill so special is how they present their food and drinks in a very elevated and unique way.

dancing coconut shrimp
redeye grill
pineapple sauce, ponzu sauce, spicy mayo

I love this whimsical presentation of the coconut shrimp, and yes they dance. It is a great way to kick off the experience of dining here. They were as good as fried shrimp can get, perfectly cooked and crisp on the outside, accompanied by three very tasty sauces that make each bite you have completely different from the last. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite as all three were really good and admittedly just based on your preferences whether you prefer a little spicy kick or a little sweet savory flavor profile.

redeye grill
spicy yellowfin tuna, avocado, wakame, seaweed salad, pickled ginger

You know me, when I see the words “house specialty” I instantly gravitate towards it because when it comes to anything I try, I am always in it for the full and authentic experience.

This sushi burger is everything you would want in a delicious sushi roll but is an exciting and creative way to eat it. Sometimes you do it for “the gram” but it definitely helps when it’s not all for show and the execution of the dish also matches the excellent presentation. The spicy tuna was of course of the freshest quality and the overall combination of flavors just worked so well. I think that this is definitely a must order. It also isn’t too filling so you’ll still have room to try out more from the menu.

redeye grill
thai peanut sauce

These brussel sprouts were packed with flavor from a very rich peanut sauce but I love how they had just enough char flavor to stand up to the flavor of the sauce. I think it is a great side dish to accompany any meal. Be warned that all the sides are meant for two or more people.

redeye grill
vanilla custard

For a wonderful ending, the banana cream pie is creamy and decedent, but it still feels very light so you will still have room for it even after a large meal. You won’t want to skip it. Even though we are full swing into fall, there is nothing like a giant ball of cotton candy to transport you back to your younger years and that endless summer feeling.

The Drinks

I loved both of these cocktails and think they are both great options. Neither is too sweet and I would say both are very well balanced. Certainly both are tasty. Once again solid presentation is at the forefront. With sliced dehydrated pineapple and mint to garnish the Pineapple Mojito, which by the way was very refreshing and not too boozy so you can definitely go for a second. In theme with Redeye Grill providing a dining experience, this Porn Star Martini is not your typical martini. I appreciate the additional champagne served on the side meant to either cleanse the palette before drinking or added in halfway through. There are also tons of complex flavors that keep it really interesting – some sweetness from the vanilla, a layer of something “special” although, I wouldn’t call it spice, from the habanero, a freshness from the fruit, it was overall really well done.

The Ambiance

Overall I had a wonderful evening at the Redeye Grill and highly recommend you give it a try too.

Redeye Grill

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