Sephora Sale Must Haves For Spring Summer Makeup

The Sephora Beauty Insider sale is already underway. As always, I have to share some of my recommendations and I decided to keep it in a theme this time. Generally I always vouch for picking up those splurge/ luxury items at a discount, or your go-to products that you’re constantly using up. However for this post I wanted to focus on a round up of products to achieve the perfect lightweight glowy fresh makeup looks for Spring and Summer. Lots of cream products mentioned, light dewy foundations, and some hair and skin essentials. I will also have my past recommendations linked for you to check out also.


For foundation and concealer I went super lightweight and light coverage to give you that glowy natural fresh skin base. I provided a new and fan favorite serum foundation, a tinted moisturizer, and the Luminous silk foundation for a little more coverage.


Classic summer bronze looks require some classic bronze shadows. Natasha Denona palettes are so quality but are definitely a pricier item. Now would be the time to pick it up along with this limited edition NARS palette which screams summer, and a palette for those pops of fun colors. Also, the glassy glitter shimmer eyes are a huge trend in spring and summer and these top coats are definitely winners.

Mascara/ Liner

Mascara wise, there are tons of great ones to pick up but I would take this time to splurge on the bigger tickets like the Tom Ford. For liners, brands like Urban Decay and Marc Jacobs have amazing lasting quality, are versatile, and have a huge color range for again the pops of color summer looks. I also included a liquid liner option by Tom Ford which is a little expensive but fans RAVE about it.


Lip tints, glosses, and brighter colors definitely fit the Spring/Summer theme. The luxury brands like YSL and Pat Mcgrath have amazing formulas and this is a perfect time to try them out.


Like I mentioned, these seasons are a great time to create fresher dewy looks using cream products. These cream formulas mentioned are beautiful. I also included some shimmery powder bronzers that are still soft and natural looking that you can use as toppers for the bronze goddess looks.

The Glowy Products – Highlighters and Bases

The summer glow looks wouldn’t be complete without these glowy products. Like I said, the cream and liquid formulas definitely have a fresher more natural vibe. Many of them are also incredibly versatile too, meaning can be used under your makeup as a base, on the high points of your face to highlight or even stand alone on the face without other makeup.


Just some splurgy extra hair items you may want to check out, you know outside of your shampoo and conditioner necessities. The Dyson is pricey but SO worth it and if you’re interested the sale is the time to pull the trigger. I also have heard how essential scalp scrubs are and this one by Christophe Robins seems to get lots of love across the internet. If you have never tried Morrocan Oil products, I highly recommend them. The scent alone is my favorite.


You can’t mention summer skincare without an emphasis on SPF. While SPF can be tricky, these products listed work for many different skin types and work well under makeup. I also had to include some bronzy body oils for that summer glow look. Let’s not forget, skincare is some of the more expensive things we end up buying throughout the year so if you have your eye on products (for me I am hugely interested in SKII), now is the time to check it out.

What are some of the items you recommend and have your eye on for the sale? Let me know in the comments!

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