Slip Skirt Styling Part I: Concert Tee

Another huge trend I started seeing from last spring and into this fall is the slip skirt trend. What I love about it is you guessed it, the versatility. There have been so many cute styles coming out with different colors and beautiful patterns that would give you a multitude of looks. I also love that there are so many ways to style the trend. This is one of the more grungy options. I love the juxtaposition between the soft blue color and feminine cut of the skirt, with the edginess of a concert tee. This is my favorite oversized Metallica T-shirt. I love the destructed look of the open collar and think that the shirt alone can be styled in so many ways. I have worn it with a leather skirt, boyfriend jeans – really endless options. Plus Metallica is my favorite metal band, so the shirt aint just for show.

I styled it with a pair of flip flops given the warm- ish weather, but it can easily be substituted for black leather booties or even combat boots. I also threw on a leather jacket for the evening when it did cool down a little.

I wore this look hosting a little brunch at my house but then also wore it out to a dinner at Novita Wine Bar and Restaurant in Garden City, Long Island. Novita is one of those places where your outfit can swing both ways. You can go more casual but you also won’t look ridiculous all glammed up either. This was great in between vibe for me.

Another round of food I ordered and would recommend. The Carbonara pizza gave a different take on the flavors you love so much from Pasta Carbonara. The runny egg yolk makes it especially rich and delicious. The Radiatore Bolognese was recommended by our server, as this was his favorite pasta on the menu. This also did not disappoint. The ragu sauce was so tasty and surprisingly light for a red sauce that includes three different meats. I love how the pepper mascarpone cuts through the tomato sauce and adds a creamy element. The white truffle and fontina arancini were also awesome and packed with flavor, a great option to start with.

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6 thoughts on “Slip Skirt Styling Part I: Concert Tee

  1. Ooooh the slip skirt trends looks great! Love how you can be super stylish with it. I haven’t tried this out but I know it would fit my vibe just fine. The good looks delish!! The egg on top makes it sound even better.

    Nancy ✨

    1. Thanks Nancy! Yes the trend is super cute and really limitless. Let me know how you end up styling it. And yes really great food also 💖

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