Some Of The Best Italian Food In New York Take Two

Mothers Day is coming up and if mom is an Italian food lover in the New York area, I think you found yourself a winner.

It wasn’t even that long ago that I had my first experience at Grana Jamesport and I had nothing but rave reviews for the entire experience. (Check out my last post/ orders here.) Seriously make sure you check out that post, you wont want to miss those food recommendations. As mentioned in the last blog, the decor is stunning, the service is friendly, and the food is delicious but also UNIQUE. Only a few short weeks later I found myself back and so excited to explore some more of the menu items.

Pizza Al Limone E Zucca:
Smoked gouda, fresh mozzarella, grated organic zucchini, thin sliced imported Sorrento lemons.

Such a delicious pizza. I definitely think ordering some pizza off the menu is a must, as the dough is so thin and perfectly cooked. The toppings and ingredients were very fresh and the combination works so well together. It again is not your typical sauce and cheese pizza (although that is also available). I think this is such an amazing spring time order and is light but satisfying as well. Pro tip: order it as an appetizer to share so you can still get your hands on some pasta afterward.

Wood Roasted Octopus with sausage smoked tomato and cream

This is definitely a different style of octopus than I am used to but I think that it is worth trying. The tomato sauce and meatiness of a sausage gives it complexity. I will say though if you’re on the fence about it, leave your appetite for the pizza and pasta.

Uovo di Ravioli: Classic preparation of ricotta, and spinach filling with an egg yolk, brown butter, pancetta sauce, black truffle capraccio , parmigiano 27

Another one of those you can’t find it anywhere else dishes. The perfectly made homemade pasta with a luscious filling and so much bold flavor is another must order. From both experiences I think not ordering one of the ravioli dishes would be doing yourself a huge disservice. This type of pasta keeps your palette guessing and is definitely rich and filling as well.

Porcini Mushroom Fettuccini porcini and umami rich shitake mushrooms saute, splash of wine and mushroom cream, toss of parmigiano

This is a great classic dish, especially if your not into the “whacky” or intricate combinations that Grana provides. Everything is simple, but well executed. You wont be disappointed on flavor, UNLESS you have got a taste of the other pasta options which are packed with huge punches of wow factor flavors. This pasta dish anywhere else would have been such a stand out winner, but for me, I would stick with the other ravioli choices as go-to orders.

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