Tender NYC Review and Nude Basics for a Night Out

So as everything else, I celebrated my birthday super late this year. Granted, I’m born on Valentines Day so naturally it isn’t a day that everyone is really available to celebrate anyway. For one of my celebrations this year (it is March 12 but there may be more), we went to Tender Sushi and Steak in the Sanctuary Hotel. Such a great meal, lovely ambience, and the hotel as well as it’s staff is really great too. If you wanted drinks after dinner you can always check out Haven rooftop upstiars. We didn’t get a chance this time, but I have definitely heard great things.

Don’t you love how there is really nothing to this dress, yet it is still perfect and glamorous for a night out. The color and body-con fitting alone give it sex appeal and paired with over the knee boots to play up the legs it definitely grabs your attention. Going into Spring there are definitely other ways to style a nude dress…(it is nude) think of what matches your skin and go from there. Open toe heels would be equally as perfect to show off your legs and pops of color would be another great touch. The possibilities are endless. It would also be great dressed down with some sneakers and denim jacket, a style I will definitely be sure to be trying out in the coming months.

Tender Steak and Sushi Review

Rock Shrimp: Japanese Aioli and Chives

Wishing there was a little more shrimp and a little less batter but overall tasty and not a bad starter to the meal.

40 Oz porterhouse for two (Sauces = Truffle butter, Bernaise, Chimichurri, Peppercorn, Port wine)

I mean… it is a 40 oz porterhouse. You just cant go wrong. We definitely left so satisfied and all the sauces were a great compliment. My favorites? Tie between truffle butter and peppercorn, but they all were really fantastic.

Creme Brule

Creamy creme brule for my b-day! I was so full after that porterhouse but still managed to really enjoy it. Solid execution of this dessert.

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  1. Awww belated happy birthday! That’s so cool you were born on Valentine’s day! Your dress looks fab on you – plain yet super classy! πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration. Hopefully, more to come! πŸ™‚

    – Hazel | Hazy Wanders

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