The Self tanner I am LOVING right now: JMT Sunless

Due to the season, and especially now with the Corona situation having taken over the world…not many of us are getting much Vitamin D, much less a tan. Being locked indoors doesn’t have many of us feeling our best but getting yourself together in ways such as getting out of bed, getting dressed, putting on some make up and even taking care of that pasty skin can leave you feeling better.

I recently tried out a bunch of JMT Sunless products and am LOVING them. LOVING. (Not an ad)
For starters, I am definitely not one of those people who has the time or patience to let a tanner develop, only to have to get back in the shower and wash down again. One of the things I love about these products is that you just leave it on and don’t have to worry about it overdeveloping. In fact it drys pretty fast, and I am ready to get dressed and carry on with my day.
Second thing I love is how natural the products look. I hate when self tanners can look overly orange or just so dark that it is obvious that the tan is not real. Definitely not the case with these products and there are a bunch of shades to chose from depending on your skin tone and the way you tan. My favorite product I tried is definitely the lotion. It is so hard to overdue it and you almost effortlessly end up with a natural and even tan. You can also layer it up if you’d like a darker effect.

I also tried the tanning foam, which is definitely more potent and a little less forgiving than the lotion, but I had just as good results with it and the color worked out great for me as well. I used the shade Violet Dark Chocolate in these products and the tanning serum which is meant for your face. This product is also great and is safe for my sensitive skin. You just add in a few drops to your regular moisturizer. However I also used it to maintain the tan I already built with the lotion and foam, by applying it in the same method and adding a few drops to my regular body lotion. It worked perfectly and prolonged my results.

Finally, and a huge stand out for my experience with these products is the amazing customer service. The JMT Sunless team is so friendly, helpful and prompt with their responses. I had a bunch of questions and they were all answered so thoroughly. They also helped to match me to a perfect tanning shade and provided me with tons of application tips. JMT Sunless genuinely believes in customer satisfaction and will do all they can to ensure you have a good experience with their products. This is a factor I really appreciate given the saturated markets, a good team behind good products means a lot.

Overall, these products are awesome and I definitely will be using them to keep me healthy looking in the house and all year round.

JMT Sunless Website

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This post is NOT sponsered, nor is this an affiliate link — just purely to help out my readers/followers.
These products were gifted but all thoughts opinions are my own.

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    1. Never tried the one from Khiels, didnt realize they had one. Definitely will look into that ๐Ÿ’œ

    1. Aren’t we all, it has been rough! But self tanning has definitely been a little pick me up! ๐Ÿ’•

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