Too Cool For School Skincare Product Review

The one major blessing with quarantine is having the opportunity to get through my skincare stash. I have extremely finicky skin. It is pretty dry, can be sensitive to products, and sometimes just breaks out randomly. When I find things that work I stick to them, despite the fact I am a compulsive shopper and buy tons of products that sounds intriguing. Most of the time they end up collecting dust because I am too afraid to use them. In every day life when I am going out and have things to do and people to see, I just don’t have time to go through a break out period. Now that I don’t really have to worry about that I can finally test out the products in my stash, and see if I can get my skin to be BETTER than just “stable”. My routine up till now has been the bare minimum but I want that glow, I want to prevent aging, I want to tighten my pores, get rid of scarring etc. Now is the time! 

The first line of products I went through was from Too Cool For School. I remember a few years ago their egg cream line was really trending. When I first bought this, I tried the hydrating mask – broke out. Not necessarily because of the mask, as my skin was definitely in worse shape back then, but it definitely prevented me from trying out the rest of what I bought. I gave it another chance recently and had some pretty good results.

All in One Egg Mellow Cream

Claims: A five in one firming moisturizer that works as a serum, priming moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream, and sleeping mask.

My Thoughts

I did enjoy this cream and found that it was non-irritating and definitely hydrating. It is a thicker consistency and usually those formulas clog my pores. This one thankfully does not. After using this every day for about two weeks, I can’t really confirm any firming or tightening, but I can say that my skin had more of that supple youthful feeling. While looking through online reviews, it was recommended to use this product right after your shower. I didn’t think that it would make much of a difference, but that turned out to be my favorite way to use this product. It just maximizes that type of soft and plush feeling of the skin. I also think that for the price, it is worth taking a chance on that 5 in 1 promise.

Too Cool For School Firming Mask

Claims: This Egg Cream Firming Mask is a variation of the popular To Cool For School Original Egg Cream Mask targets sagging and dull skin. High concentrations of active ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen create a stretchy texture to support the appearance of elasticity, while egg yolk extract nurtures the skin.

My Thoughts

I have to say I really enjoyed this mask. Anti-aging is a hard standard to judge after only one use. Those effects are just not noticed immediately. However this mask felt really amazing afterwards. My skin was hydrated and glowy for days. So in regard to improving dullness, it definitely fulfills the radiance claims.

Too Cool For School Pore Minimizing Mask

Claims: This Egg Cream Pore Tightening Mask from To Coo For School is a variation of the original Egg Cream Mask that is designed to target oily skin and enlarged pores. The ultra-soft microfiber sheet is infused with albumen (egg white extract), which diminishes the look of pores, while vinegar extract clarifies in as little as 20 minutes.

My Thoughts

Of the products I tried, I was least impressed with this mask. Unlike anti-aging, pore refining masks usually can have more of an immediate affect, and this one just didn’t. My skin granted felt a little more hydrated after soaking in that serum, but not as much as the firming mask and I definitely didn’t notice cleaner or tighter pores. However, I should note that it does not necessarily highlight that it is a clearing mask, it says refining mask, and also mentions that it is targeted for oily skin, which I don’t have. Therefore I would assume that the results would be better for that skin type.

Overall Thoughts

From the products I tried, I was not disappointed with the line. If you are new to experimenting with skincare, I also find that Too Cool For School is a little more affordable than a lot of other brands that y0u would find at Sephora. 

I am continuing to make a dent in my stash and trying out new routines. I really encourage you guys to do the same if there have been products you have been dying to try but worried about how you’d react. to them.  I couldn’t be happier since starting this little experiment with my skin and have some real gems on my hands. I will definitely keep you updated on my findings.

What are some of your favorite skin care products? Your daily routines. Comment down below what you think I should be trying next.



31 thoughts on “Too Cool For School Skincare Product Review

    1. This was the first time I really gave it a good go and was really happy! Would love to try more! What are some of your go-tos? 💗

    1. Ya win some ya lose some. That’s what’s I get for trying to be an overachiever in my skincare and not discriminating against products that are not for my skin type. What are some of your faves?

  1. I remember this egg cream and egg mask were so popular some years back. I have still not tired. But I totally agree with you about quarantine has helped to use up all the skincare that we have hoarded lol. Beside k-beauty skincare is great. 🙂

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  2. That pore tightening mask looks really tempting!
    I’ve never heard of this brand before.
    I’m defiantly going to check them out!
    Great post!

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