Too Faced Killer Liner Review + Spring Makeup Tutorial

So recently I stumbled across the new Too Faced Killer Eyeliners and thought to myself, WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS. While I was in the section I also ended up picking up the Too Faced Born This Way concealer which has been a cult classic for a while now, and the peach lip balm. I figured I’d put it to the test all at once. Read more to see my review and a mostly full face tutorial of Too Faced products for a makeup look thats perfect for Spring and the transition period.

Killer Liner Gel Eyeliner Pencil

The claim is 36 hour wearing which OK, I didn't wear it that long, but I did wear it for a while and it was pretty budge proof, including in the water line where usually I have to use a potted gel liner for that outcome. The colors were super rich and these particular two in Killer Brown and Killer Queen are PERFECT for brown eyes and really enhance them. The formula is like butter. BUTTER. So smooth, absolutely no tugging, and so much rich pigment and payoff immediately. They are also really blendable and smudge out nicely for your smokey eye looks. I believe there are eight shades total with your must have basics (black, shades of brown) and a couple really great unique colors. I’m simply obsessed and want the entire range.

Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer

I decided for my first go with this product that I would use it all over. One of the biggest raves of this concealer is its ability to do “double duty” and that it is perfect as a foundation and a concealer in one. So I gave that method a shot. I will say, I was a little unprepared for my first attempt with it (not the products fault). Although it claims to be hydrating and has great ingredients such as conconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid, at the end of the day it is a pretty matte product. I am by no means against matte products, but let’s face it, it’s winter in New York and I have dry skin. I either have to save products like this for warmer more humid weather or hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (more than the usual and really prep my skin before makeup application). What I ended up having to do was hydrating more on top of the concealer I already applied and going back in with product if it got wiped away. Not the ideal, but I made it work. So the verdict. It is an excellent product, and it definitely can be used under the eyes and all over the face. But of course, be aware of your skin type and prepare accordingly. It does have great coverage and even with my dry skin wasn’t as flaky and cakey as I expected. I’ll be sure to try it again with the right skin prep. When just applied as a concealer with a regular more hydrating foundation, I have all the confidence that it will perform great also.

Peaches & Cream Lip Balm Mega Moisture Lip Balm

I don't have too much to say about this product other than that I really enjoyed it. It has a nice consistency, tastes like peaches, and did a nice job of hydrating my lips pre lipstick application. I would definitely continue to use it.

Bronzy Plum Spring Tutorial

  1. I primed with my Belif Gel Moisturizer and added the Too Faced lip balm.
  2. Then I added the Too Faced Born This Way concealer to my under eyes and then took product from the back of my hand and a Real Techniques Delux Crease Brush to add the concealer to my blemishes and redder problem areas just to even out my skin tone.
  3. I didn’t bother using much setting powder since I was just hanging around the house and instead went straight in with the  Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in the usual contour areas (hollows of the cheekbones, a little on the perimeter of the forehead and underneath the jawline.) If you feel you need to set down your makeup I would do this step before contouring and adding more powders to the skin.
  4. I used the Too Face Baby Love blush (no longer available but I have dupes linked) on the apples of my cheeks
  5. I added some Becca Opal highlighter to the high points of my cheekbones. (Not too much).

  1. I used the Born This Way concealer to prime the lids.
  2. I used shade White Peach #1 to set down the concealer.
  3. I mixed the shades Peaches n Cream and Georgia (#2) and put it in the crease with a fluffly brush, building it up till it was more pigmented.
  4. I then used the same fluffly brush to add the shade Puree into the crease using less pressure, therefore a little less pigment.
  5. I used the Killer liner in the shade Killer Chocolate and added it to my upper lash line. I then used a pencil brush/ angle brush to smudge the liner out and drag it out slightly to create a subtle wing. It dries somewhat fast so I would do this step one eye at a time.
  6. I then used another pencil brush to add the shade Carmelized (#4) to further smudge out the liner and pack on some more color, going slightly higher than the liner as well.
  7. I used the shade Cobbler (#5) and added it to the blank space in the center very lightly with a flat brush, not packing on the color whatsoever. You can also use a fluffy brush to ensure lighter pressure and a more subtle color application.
  8. I added the Killer liner in the shade Killer Queen into the water line.
  9. I used a flat definer brush to add the shade Charmed I’m sure (#6) to set down the liner and kept it very close to the lower lash line
  10. With a pencil brush I mixed the shades Peach Pit (#7) and Delectable (#7) and smoked out the lower lash line on top of Charmed I’m Sure.
  11. Mascara on the bottom and lower lashes
  12. I just add a little of the Milk brow gel.


The Lip Combo I used was the Pat McGrath Lip Liner in the shade Structure with the Too Faced Lipstick in Naked Dolly (discontinued) but available dupes linked.

Overall I would definitely say these are winning products and I am really happy with how the makeup look turned out even with some rerouting here and there. Have you tried these products out yet?! Definitely be sure to get your hands on them and let me know what you think. Too Faced is currently having their Semi Annual Sale so now would be a great time to check them out. Too Faced Website.

Youtube channel/ video tutorials coming soon!

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