Activities & Things To See Just Outside Neapoli


This incredible beach deserves it’s own post as it is truly one of my favorite beaches in the world. Here is a little taste of what I mean


While Monemvasia could easily be a destination to on it’s own, it does make the perfect day (or night) trip if you are staying in Neapoli. This midieval city is beautiful to wander through within the castle walls within the old town, check out their amazing dining options and a world famous cocktail bar that I highly recommend checking out. There is also a more modernized town on the outskirts, beautiful churches and incredible beaches to swim at.

The bar we visited Enetiko, is home to award winning cocktails.

Caves Of Kastania

This is one of the richest caves in Europe and it is so close to Neapoli, only 11 kilometers away! This cave is 3 million years in the making with impressive formations covering 1500 meters and 2 levels. It was formed by limestones from the Jurassic age. It is a super cool experience and site to visit.

Scenic Road Views From Neapoli To Kastania

A perk of being from such a beautiful region is that your drives will never be dull looking. There are so many incredible vistas and points to just stop and appreciate the beauty below.

Dinner With a View At Laxi

So close I really could just consider this Neapoli, Laxi is a small village just above Neapoli with incredible views of the sea and Neapoli town. There is a small church with the most perfect location to snap the best sunset photos and right below the church is a taverna serving up delicious traditional options, especially ones specific to the region of the Peloponeese.

Views from the restaurant Ama Laxi
Views from the restaurant table

Magano Beach

Sharing the same waters as Elafonisos, Magano is a swimming option if you’d like to switch it up from the beach at Neapoli. There is also a cute beach cantina.

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