summer style in Areopoli Greece

Areopoli, or also known as the city of Ares is another town in the Mani Penninsula of the Peloponnese region. From the cobbled streets and high buildings mostly made of stone, this is another picturesque excursion which is absolutely no fuss and just to be enjoyed at your leisure with beautiful picturesque buildings, old churches dating back to the 18th century, souvenir shops, and a few museums such as Pyrgos Pikoulaki echibiting the religious history of Mani. The cultural history is also rich as Areopoli was said to have played a major role in the War Of Independence and is considered to be the first city which raised the flag of the Greek Revolution1. Nearby excursions are also Gytheio, the caves of Diros, and another small port village, Limeni.

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