Bath and Body Works Fall Scents 2020

Happy November everyone! Can you believe it is the final stretch of fall, and 2020 for that matter. It seems to me that every outlet has already turned to preparing for the holidays. As I go through my email blasts (all relating to holiday), from Bath and Body Works in particular, I realized I didn’t even get to shout out some of the fall scents I picked up.

I’m the kind of person who definitely likes to embrace each season fully. To me this is still cozy fall weather. The leaves just started to change and the weather just started dropping to consistent sweater weather. I love this transitional phase when you really get to embrace lounging out and scents make a world of difference to setting that kind of vibe and ambiance for me. So while I am definitely excited for all the Christmas decorations, baking, and sweeter scents to come, I still like to let Thanksgiving and fall have its moment too. I am terrible at describing the scents but just note that I love them all!

Here are some of the scents I picked up for fall that I have been enjoying.

There were a ton of options from the Bath and Body Works Collection that I was OBSESSING over but for this year I narrowed it down to these. Some other general favorites of mine are the Sweater Weather and Flannel Candles.

What are some of your favorite fall Scents? Have you already started purchasing your Holiday scents? Let me know what you’re picking up and if you want me to do an updated version for Holiday/Winter!

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