Bath and Body Works Haul: Summer scents

Walking by Bath and Body Works I saw that four letter word in all red capitals that we all love to see. SALE. And this was a good one😍 Most of everything I bought was 75% off, so around 3 dollars and change per item. Here is what I picked up:

Voilet Lily Sky Shower Gel
Violet Lily Sky Body Lotion

The Violet Lily Scent is really light and floral with a bit of a summery/fruity twist.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds Body Cream

This is definitely the sweetest of the bunch. It has that sugary smell from the marshmallow and hints of vanilla, but lighter than similar scents you’d find in the winter.

At the Beach Body Scrub
At the Beach Body Cream
At the Beach Body Bronzer

I love the At The Beach scent for summer! Its exactly what you would expect from a summer scent. A little SPF mixed with ocean mixed with that stale sandy smell but in the BEST way possible. The srub works great and leaves my skin really soft and smooth especially followed with the body lotion. The body bronzer is also pretty nice. It definitely has some visible glitter chunks and is more of a golden sheen than a bronze but the effect is still good and subtle if that is what you are looking for. You really can’t mess it up.

On the Waves Body Lotion

I love the smell of On the Waves. This one is definitely more of a fresher, neutral and crisp smell, maybe even a touch of floral. It still has a summer vibe without being that tropical scent most people expect.

Papaya Paradise Cove Micellar Body Wash

This is the more fruity and tropical of the scents I picked up and a great one at that!

In the Sun Body Lotion

This scent is a lot warmer than the rest and I love it especially as a more mature sexy night time scent.

Cocoa Shea Honey Body Scrub

Since I already opened the At The Beach Scrub I have yet to try this. Will update you all as soon as it is opened 😉

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  1. Hi Angelica, this is an informative post, with lots of hints and tips about the products you’ve purchased. You sound like a wonderfully upbeat and with-it young lady. This shut-in time must be very trying! Keep safe and have a bright week. Smiles xx

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