Beaches in Ikaria


My favorite beach in Ikaria. This is a must if you’re visiting the island. Accessible by hike or boat from Maginiti, Seychelles is a small pebbled cove beach with amazing turquoise waters and a gorgeous picturesque cave.


Mesakti is one the largest and post popular beaches in Ikaria. Beautiful blue waters and a sandy beach with various beach bars to choose from, you can’t go wrong visiting. Bonus: There is also a great surf school.


More of a local beach in Ikaria this no frills or fuss spot definitely won’t be filled with tourists and is nice if you’d like more of an “authentic” Ikarian experience.

Radioactive waters

Close to the port of Agios Kyrikos is the Spilaio Thermal Hot Springs. This was definitely worth the experience. Connected to the sea it looks like a tiny natural hot tub. It get’s pretty cozy in there, be expected to make new friends haha.

Im just saying… my phone camera worked fine the entire trip and all of a sudden got all glitchy filming the radioactive waters. Pretty fishy πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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