Canals of Copenhagen and Nyhavn

The canals of Copenhagen and the Nyhavn district is quite possibly the most famous thing about the city, and even Denmark in general. Rightfully so because taking a walk, cruise, standing, sitting and everything in between by the canals is beautiful and such a cool experience. Figured it deserved its own spotlight.

Stay tuned for my post on the other spots we visited during our 48 hours in Copenhagen.

We took the GoBoat picnic cruise which is basically a little motor boat you can rent with your friends to explore the canals. You can also bring your own food and drinks. This was such an amazing experience to do with your girlfriends. We shared so many laughs, took great pictures, and got to see a rough tour of the city on our own terms.

Nyhavn, lined with colorful houses and cafes is home to amazing food and live music right on the waterfront. Such a unique and picturesque area, but also fun to be in.

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