Day Trips From San Juan: Fajardo, Luquillo

I think the real trip you want ot be taking is to islands right off of Puerto Rico like Culebra and Vieques. However, if you miss the ferry like we did, hanging around the Fajardo and Luquillo area is not a bad way to spend the day. It definitely is different than the typical touristy areas like Isla Verde and San Juan and I would say are like a local authentic experience, especially around Luquillo. Futhermore I would say definitely check out the Bioluminescent Bays which there are continuous daily tours from San Juan. Keep reading for more info on each.


Fajardo is actually quite a big city and although we didn’t see too much of it we did stop Seven Seas beach which was a big recommendation from a local guide. The beach was nice, very peaceful and low key, although granted it wasn’t the best beach day weather but we still enjoyed ourselves.

h Fajardo
Seven Seas Beach Fajardo


This felt like the very local “place to be” with a whole trip of kiosk vendors serving up cocktails and traditional fast food type of dishes. It was very casual but very lively and fun. We had mojitos from mojito lab which are literally the size of my head, and quite delicious. There was also some souvenir shopping that we took advantage of.

Mojito Lab at the Kiosks of Luquillo
Mojito Lab at the Kiosks of Luquillo

Mojitos At Mojito Lab
Mojitos At Mojito Lab (I got the passion fruit sour sap)

Bioluminescent Bay Tours

Bioluminescent Bay
Bioluminescent Bay

There are only 5 bioluminescent bays in the world and it really is an amazing phenomenon to see. The bioluminescense is produced by a microorganism which glows blue when disturbed or agitated. It is only seen in complete darkness aka, making it near impossible to capture it with a camera phone but 1000% percent worth seeing with your own eyes.

There are tours that involve kayaking through the bay which I think I would have much preferred, or to swim in it myself. Our tour just involved a long 2 hour scenic drive, a lunch ( basically at the Puerto Rican subway sandwich equivalent, the boat ride to the bay, and a little tile to walk through the La Parguera neighborhood.

In the short time, I can say La Parguera was a really cute spot with little restaurants bars and a fun aesthetic. I also loved my frozen sangria.

La Parguera
Frozen Sangria ( original and passion fruit mix)
From one side of Puerto Rico to the other to see the Bioluminescent Bays

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  1. When you live in a pressure cooker place like NYC, I guess it’s vital to find such “getaway” havens to unwindI’m curious does that reasoning fit in with your idea of travel? That comment about luminescence sounds intriguing to me.

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