Easter Outfit Inspiration & Spring Trends For 2021

Spring is here and Easter is on its way so I wanted to share a quick post of some outfit inspo to help you guys get ready for the season and the holiday. In some ways, there are definitely cliches surrounding trends for Spring. Generally I definitely see this period as softer on the colors, and pastels are generally a go. However I have found that the orchid, pink, and lilac range has been really popular this season and I am loving it. So this trend is the direction I went for my 2021 Easter Outfits.


One of the hottest colors of the moment, Orchid has been taking over. Anything in this color range will do, as well as in the lilac and magenta families. I like how simple yet girly this set is and it also has a little of that puff sleeve trend you know I love. Guess where its from?? Well, you know how I obsessed I was with my last Showpo Haul (click here), so I had to go back for more. Definitely check out that post for some more thoughts on the brand and my other great finds.


Also from that haul, you’ll know one of my favorite items I got was with this two piece set in black. So I had to get it in a second color. Although it is currently sold out in the pink shade (black is still available), I definitely think that tweeds in this color range are so perfect for Spring and have that classy sophistication for Easter, especially if you go to church. Although maybe I wouldn’t show up in this particular bare two piece to church, there are tons of other great tweed options out there. I also love tweed for the season because sometimes transitional weather can still be a little chilly, so you can still show a little more skin in the colors appropriate for the season, but also stay warm at the same time.


“Florals for Spring, groundbreaking.” But you really cant go wrong. It is and always will be a Spring staple. The mini flutter sleeve is super girly and trendy. Once again, the color and tones are on point for the season. I also like how a dress like this is really conservative but also fun and flirty because of that shorter length. In general, you cant go wrong with a little floral dress, and it is definitely festive for Easter too.


Pink suede and champage accents are definitely a fun fresh vibe to lighten up Spring looks.

Do you guys have your Easter outfits ready to go? What are some of the Spring trends you have been loving? Let me know!

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