Escape The Cold Long Weekend Trip: South Beach

South Beach sees it’s biggest influx of crowds definitely around the time of Spring Break and festival season. I definitely wouldn’t call this an off season, but actually a pretty perfect time to avoid the pricier airfare, massive crowds (especially younger ones), and avoiding hurricane season and unpredictable weather as well.

Many say South Beach lost its luster over the years and that it is no longer the hotspot of the South Florida area. While this may be true, I definitely think there are some hot spots remaining including one of my favorites I discovered from the whole trip. Keep reading below for more.

So I believe it is Ocean Drive that is the main strip that became a little overrated, like where the Versace mansion is located and the street closest to the water. I won’t lie, I agree. It definitely isn’t the vibe or the crowds I prefer to be around but yea you can go take your photo by the mansion, walk the strip with lots of tourist focused bars and restaurants with all those cheesy drink deals etc.

I much preferred Lincoln Drive. There is lots of shopping to do and boutiques with beautiful stuff. You also still have a lot of restaurant and bar options to choose from but a little less with that Senor Frogs aesthetic, if you catch my drift.


Mila was my personal favorite spot not only on South Beach, but in the Miami area in general. The decor and atmosphere was absolutely stunning both indoors and on the outdoor “roof top” balcony. I also loved the ambience and the vibes of the crowd that Mila brought in as well. It felt much most high level and of a higher class caliber that I definitely prefer.

Mila is also definitely a seen and be seen and happening type of spot. Reservations are booked out days in advance and even the bar can fill up to be 3-4 people deep. I believe Mila also puts on some kind of show with a fire dancer and turns into a party scene with really great music also. My vibe 100%

The menu is definitely trendy and appealing, with kind of an Asian fusion influence. I definitely would return here for dinner or at least to have a couple appetizers at the bar, but the cocktails were exceptional and the bartender (I believe his name was Marcos) was so friendly, helpful and thorough in crafting the perfect cocktail. I also love how the menu is thorough as well and describes the cocktails kind of like perfume notes. It is almost artistic. I copied the descriptions of the cocktails directly from the menu so you can see for yourself.

MARGARITA VERDE: botanical | citrus | spicy – inspiration: margarita. The essentials: mi campo tequila, cilantro, peppers, passionfruit, lime juice
SUN SALUTATION : botanical | sparkling | uplifting. inspiration: gin & tonic. The essentials: citadelle gin, lemongrass, dill, peppercorn melange, aegean tonic
BEACH WALK : tropical | transporting | vibrant. inspiration: tom collins the essentials: kaffir lime & lemongrass-infused haku vodka, Japanese melons, coconut, peppercorn honey, pineapple, lemon

Mila Website

La Cerveceria De Barrio

Stumbling into Cervecria De Barrio was a happy accident. Trying to escape the downpour turned into a really lovely dinner and amazing cocktails. Miami is pricey but this restaurant had a great bang for your buck and was delicious. On the outside it seemed like one of those cheesy tourist locations I mentioned but actually came to find that the decor was really nice and fun. It is just some good classic Mexican food. No frills or overly fancy recipes but it isn’t necessary when its this good.

For food I split the skirt steak and the El Jefe burrito and both were delicious. Truly. Super flavorful, great portion sizes. I really cant complain about it and would recommend it. Dont forget to try one of the Margaritas. They definitely are good and boozy as well with a really large selections of unique flavors you may not commonly find.

La Cerveceria De Barrio Website

Shop Similar Styles

Miami just feels like a colorful city to me so I really brought it on this trip. I wore this body contour bodysuit from Express which was a fun pop, but also really great quality. This is a piece I would definitely like to have in multiple color options. I tied the yellow back in with my sandals but gave it a little edge with the black shorts. This could also be a look that could go with white or denim bottoms, heels, wedges etc.

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