Escape The Cold Vacation: MLK Weekend Trip Miami

Second week into 2022, how is it going so far?

What better way to start the New Year than with a quick long weekend trip to ACTUALLY rest and regroup from the past year and the post holiday craziness. Depending on where you live, a nice break from the cold is also a welcome change and a nice way to get that Vitamin D in for some extra energy to take on the year.

With the Martin Luther King long weekend approaching, it is definitely a high traffic travel weekend for many. So if you are looking for some long weekend trip inspiration, may I suggest Miami. Warm weather, tons to do, and a great spot in which you can cover a lot in a short amount of time.

Where to Stay

Fountainbleau Resort

I stayed at the Fountainbleau Resort in Miami Beach, definitely a classic in terms of the happening luxury spots of Miami. Fountainbleau has everything you’re looking for and doesn’t even require venturing out of the resort to still have a good time. The hotel has a a very large pool area, a private beach, and is home to a few excellent restaurants such as Hakkasan and Scarpetta. It is also where LIV Nightclub is located, arguably the most popular nightclub in Miami. So you are completely covered from day to night.

Fontainbleau Resot pools

The Fountainbleau pool is definitely a happening area with a DJ and loud music constantly, and frequent concerts and pool parties. There are multiple pool areas and bars scattered throughout, but be sure to come and save your seats early as they do tend to fill up almost immediately in the morning. I recommend the same for the beach.

Hand painted hat miami each

When visiting the pool and the beach it definitely is nice to have that full service feeling, with staff that set up your area and bring over fresh towels, as well as servers who can bring your drinks to you as well. You can also order room service and have it delivered to your area also.

Miami Beach, Fountainbleau Resort
Miami Vice cocktail

The downside to the hotel is that it is VERY pricey and can attract a mixture of crowds due to it’s popularity. It is one of those scenarios in which the price doesn’t necessarily indicate the level of class you can expect. Things can definitely get roudy, but there are also couples, families, etc. The hotel really has a full spectrum of guests.

Overall the hotel is very nice and. I think you will definitely have a good time and will be satisfied with your stay.

Pools at Fountainbleau Resort
Chez Bon Bon in Fountainlbleau
Chez Bon Bon Gelato

Believe is or not, this is definitely one of my favorite parts about the Fountainbleau Resort. The Chez Bon Bon Cafe has incredible coffee, wonderful pastries and gelato. It was a must in the morning and even for an afternoon pick me up.

fountainbleu resort
The Bleau Bar Fountainbleau

The Bleau Bar is the lobby bar of the hotel and got crowded throughout the night. It is also a very loud and echo-y area so even when in the lobby you can feel the vibe of the bar area.

Fountainbleau Website

Kikis On The River

Kikis on the river miami

Another major Miami hotspot is Kikis On The River and the ambience sure is beautiful. I love the decor and it sits right on the water with great views. People also often arrive to the restaurant by boat and while it is a restaurant, it definitely has a loud and party/club vibe. It is one of those locations that has club promoters and tables ordering bottle service. The staff puts on a little show and I could see things getting roudy later into the evening but I do of course think it depends on the night you go.

I will say Kikis seems to be one of those see and be seen type of places that again has gained so much popularity that it is especially where non locals come to show off their big bucks. Like the Fountainbleau, the money and price doesn’t necessarily mean the class level of the patrons so there is a wide range of crowds like those who want to show off in the obnoxious kind of way and those who simply came for the nice ambience.

little black dress outfit at Kikis on the river Miami

While it sounds like a bash on Kikis, it definitely was not. I had a really lovely and fun time with my girls. It is also a really wonderful and photogenic location for some great Instagram pics.

happy girl at miami restaurant
black lace dress at kikis miami

The cuisine is modern Greek food, and as a Greek girl and coming from New York and our food culture here, I mean it goes without saying, it simply can’t compare. However any standards lower than mine would definitely find the food to be very good.

For a little food rundown on Kikis, my favorite dish hands down was the salmon sashimi. I appreciated the complex flavor profile and taste. Like I said, I also have high standards for Greek food, and this dish is one that can be judged separate and apart. All of the rest of our orders such as the mushroom risotto, the tomato salad, the pikilia, and steamed mussels are all safe bets and enjoyable. They are also great options to fill up on considering Kikis is a pricier restaurant and the portions are not necessarily that big.

Balcony sunsets in Miami
There were definitely some beautiful sunsets I got to appreciate on our balcony.

Shop Similar Styles

People tend to dress up and go all out at night in Miami. You know me, a little black dress is a foolproof option for a variety of occasions. This lace one could have been worn with sandals for day time, wedges for a casual day to night look, or simple black heels for a more elegant option. I love the idea of adding a pop of color to be more in the colorful Miami vibe and thought this red orange lip was perfect.

There is definitely more coming your way from this Miami trip and I have lots more locations and recommendations that I am excited about.

I also wanted to make a quick note that the schedule will probably look a little different this month as I am trying and testing out different posting days and times to see what works best for you all. If you have any recommendations or care to share when you like to read up on blogs, when you have your most amount of leisure time or specifically when you prefer to have posts go live, please share in the comments below or even an email.

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  1. Love all of these photos! I have never been to Miami, but this looks like a beautiful place to stay. 🙂 It would be especially nice right now as we are supposed to get a bunch of snow over the weekend, haha.

    Hope you have an amazing rest of your week!

    Make Life Marvelous

    1. Hey Ashley! I think you’d really enjoy it. It’s definitely a hot destination. Have a great rest of the week xo❤️❤️❤️

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