Fall Fashion: Sweatshirt Dresses

Whether we like it or not, Fall is here my friends. As we have always associated Fall with sweater weather, especially early on, temperatures aren’t always THAT cold and sometimes we can still swing showing a little skin. Personally, I am in no rush to get into full on Fall clothing. Although I love it, I enjoy easing into it since as a New Yorker, there are plenty of months ahead to be bundled up. I love comfy sweatshirt dresses as a transitional piece. It still gives you the warm effortless feeling of that oversized sweater or hoodie, without sweating off your pumpkin spiced latte (mine are still iced). Pair them with sneakers, belt them up to show a little body, even through on a pair of heels, the sweatshirt dress is such an easy piece to style.

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