Glaswegian for a day: Glasgow, Scottland

Impromptu girls trip and this one was one for the books.

My friend and I have had an inside joke about visiting Glasgow for years now so when the opportunity presented itself, we hopped on it…and added a few more stops to the list.

In all honesty, Glasgow is not the place where you’re going to have a historically enriching experience or see the most amazing architecture that exists. There aren’t many notable monuments or major museums to check off your list. HOWEVER. Glasgow has such a fun and unique culture that I would definitely return for.

The people are incredibly friendly and proud of being Glaswegian. We made a friend when inquiring about visiting Ashton Lane (the street that inspired Diagon Alley in Harry Potter) which in actuality is a cute strip of bars. He was super helpful and friendly and not only guided us to Ashton lane but ended up giving us the real local experience. Down to the “hometown” drink order- it’s a hof and hof (half whisky, half pint of beer). We visited an original whisky distillery called the Pot Still which is home to over 700 types of whisky. It definitely feels authentic and old school. We loved every second here.

River walk
Views from the Neocroplis

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