How I spent 24 Hours in Thessaloniki, Greece

Northern Greece has been territory that until this summer, I did not even think to explore. Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece, so you can imagine it as a large metropolitan area with tons to do. The city is also home to one of the biggest universities in Greece, making it full of life especially in the winter months. Although things certainly die down as people resume traveling and hitting islands, even during the summer Thessaloniki still has enough people roaming around to keep things interesting. Coming here turned out to be a happy accident and I am thrilled I got to experience the beauty of this city. The one thing I failed to do..trying Thessalonikian bougatsa! Trust me…. you do not want to make the same mistake. Otherwise I had quite the day and am excited to share it with you all!

Lefkos Pyrgos

Lefkos Pyrgos or Thessalonikis “White Castle” is pretty much the main landmark of the city. It has beautiful outer architecture and you are able to climb to the top with different aspects of the cities history to learn on each floor as you go. Once you reach the top, there is an incredible view of the entire city. This excursion can not be skipped.

Boat Cruise

We had a pretty laid back day in Thessaloniki. We enjoyed a free boat cruise and only had to purchase a drink.

Aristotelous Square

The main city square in Thessaloniki.


The above photos were taken at Kitchen Bar right on the water in Thessaloniki. While the views were amazing, the food was unimpressive especially in comparison to the amazing taverna options. If you insist on sitting, stick with the drinks — I did really enjoy my spicy lemonade.

Ladadika District

The Ladadika District is filled with tons of tavernas and wonderful places to eat. I would say you can’t go wrong wherever you decide to sit. I believe the below photos were taken at Marathos – don’t quote me though. Pictured are tyrokafteri(spicy cheese dip) and horiatiki salad(Greek salad) which were standard orders throughout the trip, as well as a seafood risotto.


Nightlife is definitely stronger during the winter months, however one bar I particularly loved visiting was WHope. You feel like you are in a little hippie jungle and the music is awesome tribal lounge. It had a great energy. Another great spot with beautiful decroation, great music and on a rooftop would be Margarita at the Top of Senses. Perfect ambiance for relaxing and cocktails.

Margarita at the Top of Senses

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