How to spend 24 hours in Edinburgh, Scottland

One day in Edinburgh was truly not enough but if thats all you have, DO IT anyway. The city has so much history and the scenery was to die for, with a mixture of medieval cobbled streets, gothic buildings, and small villages straight out of a Disney fairytale book. I wish I had the time to learn more, and really tour the museums and see the interiors of the beautiful churches and castles. Till next time.

So while it might not be the most informational of guides, here is basically a photo diary/ walking tour of most of the picturesque spots in Edinburgh.

Even streets without any historical significance make for such a beautiful photo background.

Edinburgh Castle
St Giles Cathedral
The Royal Mile
Princes Street Gardens

Walking through the gardens, the Waters of Leith, and through the quaint Dean Village was all so scenic and relaxing. Like I said before it is truly out of a story book.

Water of Leith
Dean Village

We had dinner at Scran and Scallies, and as usual we were hunting for the most authentic dishes available. This time we chose the fish pie, a ground lamb pie that was the special of the day, and on the side we had the red cabbage, carrot, raisin & spelt salad. Everything we had was delicious and complimented by a great wait staff and comfy atmosphere. I’d highly recommend checking this place out. Fun fact – The restaurant was awarded The Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand in 2017.

We came to OX184 for some late night grub and wow, was it worth it.We ordered the Steak longboy: Flat iron steak, poblano peppers, horseradish mayo & rocket, and the Smokey rib tips with maple mustard glaze. Two excellent choices. The vibe is cool and modern and would even make a nice spot for drinks before heading out for a night on the town.

We had drinks at The Devils Advocate. The vibe is very old school Victorian. I wouldn’t say spooky, but definitely has a different and intriguing character. I had the Plum Dog Millionaire – Plymouth gin Chocchi Torino, Kummel, Prune, Lemon, Cherry Bitters, and Toni. I don’t know what half those things are, but they taste good together.

We stayed at Stay Central hotel. Such adorable, modern, and comfortable rooms, convenient location, and a beer garden connected right downstairs if you’re into a younger hostel like crowd.

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Be warned. Scottish weather is infamous. Gloomy, sometimes wet, sometimes sunny. I think that I was pretty prepared for all the occasions with this loose cold shoulder top and jeans. I also feel neutral colors were a good move so I didn’t stand out obnoxiously given the darker weather conditions. Probably the most important tip though – comfortable shoes. Edinburgh is a place you’ll want to explore on foot and there are TONS of hills and stairs.

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