How to Style Fall Day to Night Looks In Nola

So as you can see, this trip didn’t provide me the greatest weather. But it’s all good because it is a great example of what fall weather can be and how to style and create a day to night look when you’re packing for a trip. The constants: a pair of dressy black shorts and due to the weather these rain boots, although they can easily be substituted for combat boots/black booties.

It really comes down to two things here. Interchangeable woven tops, I stuck with printed ones to make a little statement and create more of a “look”, and a little makeup change adding a pop of red lipstick to create more of a night time vibe. Of course, your makeup adjustments really depend on what you change your top to, but adding a bold lip and just overall completing your makeup looks, make things a little more polished and dressed up for a night out. I also love traveling with a satchel since I don’t need much when I am sightseeing aside from the few essentials and I hate being weighed down.


This first print top could actually swing day or night. It is a sample so the exact one is unavialable but any lightweight chiffon top would be great especially when the weather is unpredictable. I enjoyed the cold shoulder and little tie collar details of this one as well.

St Louis Cemetary

Can you believe visiting a cemetery is actually an attraction. As I mentioned in my last post, voodoo was a prominent in the culture in New Orleans, and the high priestess Marie Laveau is said to be buried here. Cemeteries in New Orleans also have significance in that it is mandatory that all tombs are above ground. We actually came as part of a tour and learned tons of interesting facts about cemeteries, voodoo, and New Orleans culture.


Photos taken at Brennan’s

I LOVE this top and hate to say that it is also a sample. I love the little retro vibe of the cherry print, puff sleeve, and button down front. I think that similar styles are so on trend and I am generally loving puffed sleeve looks and shoulder pads lately. I decided to make this my night look because, well an all black look is great any time but especially night, and I think that the red lip that ties in with the cherry print just makes it complete.

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What are some of your tips and tricks to style looks from day to night?

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