Impressive Resorts Premium, Punta Cana Photo Diary

Apparently spontaneous trips are my specialty. This one officially broke a new record and we booked and flew in under 11 hours. I impress myself even now thinking about it.

Believe it or not, I have never gone on a vacation to do nothing. A vacation where my biggest issues were which beach to check out or when to head over to the pool from the beach. What cocktail to order?! These were the extent of my worries while on vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This was also my first experience with an all inclusive hotel and this one definitely did not disappoint. We stayed at the Impressive Hotels Premium where it immediately felt like we were waited on our every need.

Upon arrival, we had some small bites and a drink in the lobby waiting to check in and then headed to our room which was really nice, clean, and spacious for three people.

As a premium resort member, everything was truly all inclusive. We had access to two private and exclusive sections of the beach with it’s own bar (the Emerald bar) and the BEST bartender Eusebio who always started making my surprise drinks as he saw me approach the bar. There was also two premium pool areas both with bars of their own too. Premium guests also have access to the rest of the resort, all its beaches, pools, and restaurants.

The biggest highlight for me was the amazing service and how friendly everyone was. It seems like the staff really does everything they can to give you an enjoyable experience and are constantly checking in to make sure your needs are met. Aside from Eusebio, we have to give some shout outs to Kelly who was always helpful and granted us our wish with finding some real authentic Dominican food and Julia (Roberts 😜) who also very accommodating. Truth be told those are three individuals from the staff, but they were ALL amazing.

It was definitely the eating, drinking, and relaxing marathon. We sometimes joked our itineraries were beach, beach, pool, lunch, beach, pool, pool. No matter where we were, we had a cocktail in hand.

The Pools

Premium Pool #1
Premium Pool #2

Impressive Resort and Spa Main Pool


There are lot’s of activities on the beach. There are photogrophers available to take pictures (with or without the animals), aerobics/zumba classes, and tons of other stuff posted if you keep your eyes out for them. You can also take excursions in Punta Cana such as a party boat, snorkeling, or swimming with the dolphins but with such a short trip, and avoiding too much interaction with others because #COVID, we just kept it simple this time and stayed on the resort.

The Food

Like I said the all inclusive experience was new to me. I tend to eat one meal a day, but I definitely took advantage while staying on the resort. The buffet is open to everyone for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which changes up the selection based on the day. There is a huge variety and definitely something for everyone.

Due to COVID, only one restaurant per night was open for dinner. We got to check out the French restaurant, the Japanese restaurant for a hibachi dinner, and the Italian restaurant which we were also able to grab lunch at as Premium guests as well. For more on the dining options click here.

Italian Restaurant for Lunch

Beach Vacation Travel Style

Packing wise, I have never gotten it together so fast. However truth be told on a trip like this all you need is your swimsuit. Even if thats all you pack and you want to walk around in it all day long, do you, no shame at all. I also brought a couple kimonos to throw on top and some denim cut offs (one light one dark). A couple pairs of sunglasses and that was the extent of my day time looks. I included some shopping ideas for similar items that I packed, or just cute finds for your own next beach vacation. For island vibe outfit inspo that is also perfect for nights on the resort check out my new post here.

For more info on Impressive Resorts click here.

27 thoughts on “Impressive Resorts Premium, Punta Cana Photo Diary

  1. This sounds like such an amazing vacation!! I love how spontaneous it was. I’ve never been on a vacation just to relax, either – I always try to squeeze in as much as possible haha!

    Miles of smiles,

  2. Okay I am now relaxed, just by looking at your photos! I can´t wait for this lockdown to end and things to get better… Portugal will keep under lockdown at least until Easter 🙁 It was good to see some travel photos! 🙂


    1. I agree! NYC is also in lock down for the most part but it was also nice to get away and travel Would love to visit Portugal one day! 💖

    1. Ahh Thank you so much Vanessa! It was definitely an amazing and much needed trip. Felt a little wild with those braids.
      Cheers to your next trip! Have a great week
      XOXO ❤️

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