In Earnest By Byron Lars Fall 2022 Ready-To Wear

I may be a little late to the game but let’s go back to the beginning.

An icon in the1990s fashion scene, Byron Lars has returned along with design partner Sheila Gray with a new venture entitled In Earnest.

Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have found ourselves in a state of reinvention and coming to grips with a new self and a new way of the world. With over 31 years in the fashion industry, admist all the turmoil of the pandemic, Byron Lars decided to start over and bring back the power and joy that fashion can bring to us.

Lars began in the industry primarily focusing in shirting, which he now ties into the All-American sensible aesthetic. As he puts it “there is nothing more American than an Oxford shirt”. However throughout his line you will find influences from a vast variety of cultures because in this global age, so much has been brought to the table to create what we now can call America. But mixing cultures is not the only thing Lars has in mind. Lars really plays with a combination of different prints, fabrics, textures and of course using layering as a key component to forming the looks, creating versatility for a woman throughout all aspects of her day. He is completely uninterested with seasonality and unafraid of using fabrics typical in a Spring/Summer collection as a part of this fall, but more like “season-less” collection.

While it is a very small collection, the mix and match aspect makes it still feel very complete, holistic, and I most definitely agree that it is season-less. I love how these styles are so multi-faceted and how very feminine, yet urban and sporty they are all at once. While many of the chosen colors are deeper in tone, I don’t find it to be “dark” aesthetic, and still definitely get a sense of playfulness within the styles. I also really feel as though these pieces embody a sense of modern art, like I am viewing an exhibit from the MOMA but in a chic and wearable way. I appreciate how the creativity and sensibility merge and find that it really embodies the entire concept of fashion. There are no rules.

I definitely love what I am seeing from Byron Lars and respect and appreciate how he is re-approaching the fashion world. I truly am excited to see more of what is to come.

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