Kos and Gyali Beaches

Kos is the third largest and second most popular island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes. With a rich history and many cultural influences, beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, and nightlife, Kos has everything you could need/want for a full vacation. There are areas full of action, hustle and bustle, and many areas that are peaceful and perfect for a more quiet and relaxing getaway.

Some major attractions to visit in Kos are: Kos town and so many of the historical sites located here (more on this coming soon), the thermal hot springs, a visit to a typical Greek village such as Antimachia and the Venetian castle located there, and of course a multitude of beaches all around the island to choose from. Here are some of the ones I visited:


A tiny island with a population of 10 people, Gyali is located in the Dodecanese between the islands of Kos and Nisyros. As there is no inhabited centers or ports, the island and it’s waters remain untouched, making it a gorgeous location for a day trip with it’s beautiful crystal clear waters. You will also likely have the cove all to yourself. Another random fun fact is that Gyali is this is is a volcanic island mainly composed of obsidian lava and pumice.


Although I didn’t actually swim in the waters of Kardamena (it is the port we left from to go to Gyali), it is definitely one of the major tourist destinations on the island of Kos. It has been modernized with many restaurants, cafes, bars, sandy beaches, as well as a bustling nightlife. It is also the destination you would be leaving out of for many day excursions such as to Nisyros, (another neighboring island).


Tigaki has beautiful and shallow waters perfect for families, as you can walk out into the sand for what feels like miles. There are also lot’s of water sports and activities so there is something for all ages to enjoy. Near the beach is also a town area with tavernas, shops, and various accommodations. It is another attractive place for tourists, especially for those looking for something more low key in comparison to cities like Kardamena.

Ali Baba / Lambi Beach

Lambi Beach is situated right on the outskirts of Kos Town, making it the perfect location for those looking for the best of both worlds. From the town, you can reach this sandy beach even by foot, and on the strip there are various beach bars with music and ambience as well as plenty of tavernas and shops. Ali Baba was the beach bar that I visited when spending the day at Lambi.

Some of the other beaches I didn’t get to visit this time around but that are very popular include, Mastichari beach, Marmari beach, and Kefalos beach.

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Be sure to return back this week for my next post highlighting Kos Town and it’s food options. Also be sure to check out my other recent travels in Greece. I will have them all linked below.


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