Lefkada The Caribbean Of Greece 2021

Said to be the “Carribean of Greece”, Lefkada truly is an amazing island. Although an island, it is connected to the mainland by bridge so you can also arrive by car. This makes it easy to take a day trip (and a night trip), which is precisely what I did during my visit to Mytika (click here). It is an island with so much diversity and secret locations, such as the Nydri waterfalls, mountainous villages, vineyards, monastery’s, the sea lakes, and of course some of the most beautiful beaches.

Although I didn’t get a chance to visit them this year, some of the most famous beaches are Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Milos Beach, and Kathisma, to name a few. Lefkada also has a huge town with both modern and older aspects. There is a long port area with lots of cafes, restaurants and bars. There is also a city aspect to it in which there are side streets filled with more stores and local businesses.

As this was a short and sweet trip for me, I spent most of my day exploring the town, meandering through the streets, and of course, shopping. There are so many great options to choose from. Lefkada has all the essential stores and many great boutiques selling authentic Greek products and designs. I closed out the day having lunch at the port at a restaurant called Burano, serving up traditional Greek taverna style food. To summarize my review, the appetizers were delicious, and the lamb chops were not bad but definitely not the best I have ever had, especially on Greek standards.

Lamb Chops at Burano
Banoffee at The Karma

The Karma is definitely a hotspot both by day and night. By day it is more of a waterside cafe but at night it picks up into more of a nightclub situation. I stopped by for the famous banofee which did not disappoint.

In this area along the Ionian, Lefkada seems like the place to be for nightlife. The streets were packed and it was only a Wednesday when I visited. There are so many lively bars with loud music and various night clubs. Pre-covid, Lefkada also used to attract many singers and concerts. There are options along the water and also within the alleyways and small side streets to choose from. Baccara was more central inside the town with lots of other neighboring bars. Restaurants and souvenir shops also stay open very late so it still works out for families looking to get out in the evening as well.

Ammos Beach Bar

Somewhere between Mytika and Lefkada is Ammos beach. This one feels very “tiki and Tulum like” with those natural and bohemian vibes. Similar to Paliouria but a lot bigger and louder, bringing in a younger crowd. Given COVID, it wasn’t really a party beach, however I could imagine crowds picking up during the normal high season. Aside from that it was a beautiful beach and a nice balance between something lively and more relaxing.

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