Miami Beach: The Setai, Baoli Restaurant And Nightclub

Another reason to add Miami to your weekend travel destinations is for the nightlife. Miami is far from underrated as a spot to party but here are some spots I enjoyed that I don’t see too much hype about. On Collins Avenue there are a couple more upscale night spots that are easily accessible and you can just walk over from one to the other.

The Setai

The Setai is tied for first with Mila as far as my favorite Miami spots. It is a boutique hotel with a bar and restaurant that are both just stunning locations and again with a very high level and posh vibe. While we only stayed for a drink by the bar, the restuarant in the Setai looked amazing with tables kind of floating in a water ponds inside the restaurant. It is kind of hard to explain, but believe me, the aesthetic was very impressive. Like Mila, they also had entertainment and a fire show going on. It is very luxurious and I enjoyed the crowd that the location attracted as well.

the setai miami bar
The Setai Bar

This is definitely a spot that I would return to time and time again during my Miami visits and would LOVE to check out the actual accommodations.

the setai miami lobby bar
Lobby and bar area of The Setai

This area of The Setai, gave me some Baccarat Hotel vibes.

Within the Setai was also an adorable art gallery that was closed at the time we came, but definitely had some fun and unique pop art.

Art Gallery The Setai Miami

Setai Website


Baoli Miami nightlife
Outdoor seating at Baoli

Across the street from the Setai is Baoli which I would say is in between Kikis and Setai/Mila. The venue is really beautiful as well. The decor is really nice and trendy both inside and outside and both areas are pretty spacious. Things can definitely get loud and roudy indoors, so if you want a fun time without feeling like you are dining in a legit club, stick to the outdoor area. Trust me you won’t feel like you are missing out, there is still definitely a party going on outside also.

We ate dinner at Baoli but since we were starving by the time we ate, the exact items we ordered are such a blur. We definitely picked up some sushi rolls, assorted appetizers, and the hot pot truffle risotto. The food is really good but definitely pricey for what you get.

red orange lipstick

Baoli Website

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As I mentioned, when I think Miami, I think spicy and colorful, and definitely fashion that stands out. This jumpsuit just says “Miami” to me. I picked up my hair because of the heat and humidity, but loved how an up-do complimented the look. The yellow and red orange lip definitely tied it all together nicely. I felt very confident like I looked the part for the vibes on Miami Beach.

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Have you guys been travelling lately? What should I add to my travel bucket list next?

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