My Day At The Grand Canyon (Winter)

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As many of you know or have seen from previous posts on my site, there is nothing I love more than discovering new places and traveling. However weirdly enough the US has been unexplored territory for me, especially out West. For my first trip to the other side of the country, we decided on Arizona. We stayed primarily in Sedona (more on this later), but it of course wouldn’t have been complete without spending a day at the Grand Canyon. Majestic is hardly the world to describe the scenery here and throughout Arizona. It actually looks two dimensional, almost unreal. We took a Pink Jeep Tour leaving from Sedona, and our friendly guide Joaquin kept us entertained with fun factoids of the canyon, Sedona, and Arizona as a whole during our drive up. When we arrived we had few hours to wander by ourselves and appreciate the views. There is also a restaurant to grab food and drinks, as well as a gift shop with authentic Native American souvenirs.

Aside from hiking, you can take a mule down the canyon, take a helicopter ride, camp, and go rafting once at the bottom.

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Believe it or not, Arizona wasn’t the warm retreat we expected. The visit was in late January and it was just as cold as the weather in New York and even snowed during out trip. I loved these oversized layers. The suede jacket dressed up the plain black outfit, and the tribal print sweater was able to fit over it as well for when I needed a little extra warmth. The turquoise necklace as an accessory was simple, yet added that little pop of color.

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    1. Hahaha thank you!! ❀️❀️
      You definitely have to check it out as soon as you can. I would definitely go back

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