Nafpaktos From Day To Night

Nafpaktos was the final stop in my tour of Greece this summer. While many people flock to the islands, myself included, there are still so many beautiful cities to visit on the mainland. Don’t even get me started on the Peloponeese (where I am actually from in Greece, but we’ll save that for a different series), however Nafpaktos is also one that definitely should not be overlooked. As one of the oldest cities in Greece, Nafpaktos has lots of history behind it, and is not to mention beautiful with some great nightlife as well. It is also a great location to take other trips nearby see my last post).

Here is a little photo diary of how I spent my three days in Nafpaktos.

Blue Lake Beach Club

Blue Lake is definitely up my alley. They call it that because while it is on the ocean where everyone swims, there is also a little lake which definitely seems more for visual aesthetic than swimming. This was a very luxe upscale beach bar vibe but not in that price range which I enjoyed a lot. A really great location for a nice swim but a lively young crowd.

The port of Nafpaktos was definitely a major hub spot in its day. Now it is just beautiful scenery with a very medieval aesthetic.

One of the most famous history points of Nafpaktos is the Battle of Lepanto in which the Christians celebrated a victory over the Ottoman Turks and ultimately stopping their advancement into the rest of Europe. They continue to commemorate the victory on October 7 with celebrations in the port.

Along the walls of Nafpaktos there are tons of bars that fill up with crowds and music. It is actually a very lively city with really good nightlife. However due to COVID almost all the spots close at 2 am.

Amarylis Rooftop Bar

Amarylis was a great spot for a trendy cocktail and great photo ops with nice decor and a beautiful views of the city.

Vanilla Coffee Cafe And Ice Cream Shop

Another cute cafe to grab those instagram worthy pics.

Nafpaktos Kastro

This Venetian castle is a beautiful site to visit. Although I only made it by night, the views were still incredible.

Papoulis Taverna

Papoulis was an adorable taverna almost hidden within the city streets but a great choice for dinner. We had an assortment of appetizers (of course) and the mixed seafood platter. No complaints on any of the orders.

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Shop Similar Styles

One of my favorite purchases during my trip was my hand painted beach hat. While each is usually one of a kind, I linked some similar finds below. This trend was HUGE this summer and I definitely recommend checking it out for your next beach vacation.

Well I can’t believe that wraps up my trip to Greece. I hope you all enjoyed the content and had lot’s of inspiration for your future travels. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you enjoyed this series or what you’d want to see more of for next time. Let me know if you see yourself visiting any of these places some time soon or if you have experienced them in the past.

Also… you know me….I never truly rid myself of the travel bug so if you all have any recommendations for where I should travel to next, leave it in the comments down below.

With that said, it is the final stretch of 2021, time to get back to reality and start bringing in some fall content. Let me know if theres anything in particular you would want to see.

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