Negris Lebrum NYFW FW23: BlackWhite Collection

negris lebrum nyfw fw23

Negris Lebrum returned back to its roots with a collection appropriately titled Black White displaying a collection that predominantly celebrates these classic colors. The overall style of the pieces were definitely effortless and easy-to-style, ready-to-wear pieces, houndstooth knits and corduroy brocade that provide tons of wearable versatility for the modern woman. There were sporty elements in the knit pieces as well, which I find designer Travis Hamilton does exceptionally well. The pops of color were a vibrant yellow and teal which complement each other so well, as they do the entire collection, adding a bit of that “something” to jazz up the otherwise muted collection.

Also debuted in the show was the new luxury sock, capsuline line, from the brand, Chaussettes, with unique designs and compression health benefits. They definitely add a pop to otherwise more simple looks and definitely make a statement. They recently had a photoshoot with renowned fashion photogaher and film maker Nigel Barker to showcase the whimsical fashion pieces. A very exciting new chapter for Negris Lebrum.

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