New Years Eve Sequin Outfit Inspo

The last few days of 2020….
How was everyone’s Christmas?
I have been trying to enjoy these holiday season as best I can, but admittedly it isn’t as relaxing while simultaneously trying to plan for 2021 and being proactive to make sure everything starts smoothly. I do wan’t to take a beat and regroup, but I also did want to squeeze in one more post to close off the year. I recently hauled a couple items from Nasty Gal – this sequin shoulder pad top and this mixed sequin skirt – that I find are perfect for New Years Eve. New Years Eve will definitely look a little different this year, but you can still get dressed up to begin your fresh start for 2021. Even if you are alone, maybe you’ll even find it cathartic.
I wanted to give two options, one more glam look and one that was more casual with the items I picked up, so you’re covered with inspo whether you’re going out to a small COVID responsible gathering, or just home on a ZOOM call with family or friends. As always there are similar styles linked if you can’t pick up the Nasty Gal items (I know they are running low on sizes) or just want ideas for what you already have at home. Either way, here is some festive styling inspiration for starting off 2021.

The kind of look I immediately thought of when I picked up this top. The sequin and leather look to me is a no brainer.

A little more casual option, I like the contrast of a baggy boyfriend jean to pair with the more loud and dressy top. I like the contrast and think that this would be a great way to wear the look even after New Years Eve.

Cozy on the top and glam on the bottom. Call it balance. I think even wearing some slippers with this would make me feel holiday ready this year.

An all black look and add some sequins, it definitely says NYE to me. Tall boots and short booties both work great and just depend on your preference. This sleeveless bodysuit can also be substituted for a long sleeve one, or really any black bodycon top.

How is everyone spending the holiday? What is everyone wearing? Let me know and can’t wait to speak with you all in 2021.

Wishing everyone a happy, and HEALTHY New Year!❤️

14 thoughts on “New Years Eve Sequin Outfit Inspo

  1. They are such fun pieces! I really like the sequin skirt, it’s such a cute statement piece! That last outfit is my favourite 🙂

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas are enjoying the last day of 2020 🙂

  2. Ooh I love all of the looks, and all the inspo you’ve included too! Have to say I’d probably opt for the leather trousers and sequin top combo – it’s probably my ride or die night out look and old habits die hard (!)
    Thanks for sharing <3

    // xx

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