New(er) kids on the block: CADA Collective & CAAFD Collective at NYFW

Between it being the middle of fashion week, having shows on opposite sides of the city and down pouring rain, I was definitely wanted to wear something more comfy (outfit details coming soon). Adding the red lip though had me feeling more put together and fashion week ready. This one is my favorite both in shade and formula.

CADA Fashion Collective

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The Council of Asian Designers of America(CADA) collective, are endorsers of positive fashion under the pillars of: Sustainability & Regeneration, Equality & Diversity, Innovation & Creativity, Craftsmanship & Artificer. In this respect we did see a lot from the CADA designers. As there are 8 designers displaying at the presentation, there was definitely a lot of diversity in what we saw. Some of my favorites were the black and white stories with graphic art. Then there were, of course, some outrageous out of the box styles, that were realistically unwearable but I guess you can appreciate the creativity behind it. The one major downfall of the presentation however was the layout. The small space in which they presented and having all the guests standing was really unorganized and definitely took away from the overall experience.


The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD) is an amazing opportunity for global designers and emerging talent to have their chance at being seen in a major market place: NYFW. This years designers were Yufash(designer Kadri Klampe), Ruth Zabetta, and Sania Maskatiya.

Sania Maskatiya

Pakistan based designer Sania Maskatiya arrived at NYFW with a stunning all white collection of light and elegant fabrics, and soft silhouettes. Very simple, effortless, and pretty goddess-esque looks.


Yufash was created by Estonian born designer Kadri Klampe and as a returning designer to the CAAFD, gave us another amazing collection. I love the loose, yet still structured oversized tailoring, and the glamorous metallic dress group. The delicate beading additions and the unexpected animal prints found within the gloves were a nice touch.

Ruth Zabetta

Ruth Zabetta raised in both Spain and Domenican Republic also brought some great style to the show. I love how her relaxed tailoring was very unique finding interesting ways to cut and deconstruct. It was a new take on the modern urban girl with a lighter girlier twist. I also love how the neutral and earthy color palette give an even more raw and organic feel to the designs.

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