Nightlife in Ikaria

Sunsets at Nas

Clearly the perfect setting to watch the sunset. There are also some cute tavernas and cafes on the water with this view. Nas is also it’s own beach to feel free to hike down for a swim.


Raxes is probably the most “city-like” area of Ikaria. Here are the largest strips of “louder” bars with music and restaurants that stay open quite late. In my opinion, the type of vibe is definitely a little more rock, or hipster but it does vary from place to place and depend on the night.

I was obsessed with this mural on the drive to Raxes.

Panigiria – Festivals

The main attraction of Ikaria. The island is known for their panigiria/ festivals. These start pretty early in the night and last WELL into the morning. The parties stay PACKED till 7am, 8am and even later into the morning and these take place most nights of the summer all throughout the island. Ikarians love their Ikariotiko dance, they will play it many many times over the course of the night so maybe learn it before going so you can really be part of the experience. Either way the dancing will continue all night long. The wine, admittedly is not the best, but the roasted goat sure is excellent. Attending a panigiri was amazing and one of the most authentic experiences that you will have not only in Ikaria, but in all of Greece.

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