No Fear Egypt

If you keep up with current events and issues in the Middle East , I am sure planning a trip to Egypt is not on your “to do” right now. Or maybe you are interested and are just feeling worried and hesitant. I for one did not receive that much support for this particular vacation, and I will admit that at some point, everyone’s concern started to get to me. However, let me put your mind at ease when I say that there was truly nothing to fear and that Egypt was one of the most beautiful and culturally enriching experiences that I have had. We hit Cairo, Alexandria, and had a beach day on the Red Sea. Each of these places were definitely worth checking out. Definitely make the most of Cairo by visiting the pyramids, splurging on the camel ride, taking a walk through the bazaar, and visiting the museum (especially the mummy room!!). Alexandria also offered its own rich history and gorgeous scenery. For each excursion we had a tour guide, each who was enthusiastic and informative, and an included a traditional meal and transportation. Throughout our trip we encountered friendly natives, who were especially accommodating to relieve the misunderstandings that many Westerners may have.

Our trip was in February, so it was definitely cooler than the cliche desert heat. I however think that it was the perfect time to experience the country. It was a comfortable temperature for all the sight seeing that was in store. As an Islamic country you definitely want to be respectful and stay a little more conservative in your fashion choices. For example, I recommend these loose palazzo pants and breezy long sleeve top. Also a nice way to stay cool and fashionable are maxi skirts and dresses. Kimonos and shawls are also perfect to pack to keep you covered.

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