NYFW: Negris Lebrum FW24 World Peace Collection

negris lebrum nyfw fw24

Negris LeBrum debuted their World Peace Collection this New York Fashion Week. With an ever increasing list of growth and accolades in the industry, Creative Director Travis Hamilton intertwines his journey in the fashion realm with his passion for story telling. From the origin love saga story and namesake narrative of the brand DNA remains in tact while different tales are explored throughout each collection and relating to the changing world climate and events.

The World Peace Collection introduces an array of innovative textile colors and patterns, including ostrich prints, tweed-sequin combinations, graffiti knits, and poly silk ensembles. There is an initial element of conservative element of the collection and a bit of a retro vibe with certain silhouettes displayed. However the cool-girl nature ties back with some super mini lengths and leather motifs. The color range was definitely cohesive and monochrome, all shades very fall appropriate and the collection was also very versatile from office looks to weekend outings.

Hamilton states:

“Regarding the collection style/aesthetics for this season, we continue to do our best to keep the collection femininely classic and as close as possible to the love story of Mrs. Negris. Each season, we try to stay engaged with social issues that are important and impacting society. Over the past seasons, we have used knits to promote life. Personally, I believe social sustainability is equally as important as textile sustainability.

The collection name came about from a meeting I had in Houston with one of the county commissioner’s representatives and team regarding using the arts as a marketing tool for potential tourists. During that meeting, I met two interns of the “Texas Legislative Internship Program” (TLIP), a program I coordinated 20 years ago as the Program Director for the Mickey Leland Center on World Hunger and Peace. That experience has shaped me as a person, and to me, it made perfect sense that the collection’s name would be “the world peace” collection.”

2 thoughts on “NYFW: Negris Lebrum FW24 World Peace Collection

  1. What an inspiring debut from Negris LeBrum with their World Peace Collection at New York Fashion Week! Travis Hamilton’s dedication to intertwining his journey in fashion with storytelling truly shines through in this collection. The incorporation of innovative textile colors and patterns, from ostrich prints to graffiti knits, demonstrates a bold yet cohesive vision.

    I particularly admire Hamilton’s commitment to addressing social issues through his designs, reflecting the importance of both social and textile sustainability. The collection’s name, inspired by Hamilton’s meaningful encounter in Houston, adds an extra layer of depth and significance.

    Overall, Negris LeBrum’s World Peace Collection not only showcases creativity and style but also serves as a reminder of the power of fashion to engage with and reflect on the world around us.

  2. The combination of bold colors, intricate patterns, and innovative silhouettes reflects the creativity and vision behind Negris LeBrum’s work. Thank you for sharing this inspiring glimpse into the intersection of fashion and social consciousness!

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